Really 323/365

As if I don’t have enough to deal with I’m pretty sure I’m getting sick. I’ve been having sinus pressure for a few days and then today I just started sneezing and haven’t really been able to stop and definitely have some congestion.

Ughhhhhh I don’t need this crap right now.

Trying To Make Sense Of It All 322/365

I started my Monday off with a workout at OTF. It was an endurance day and well those are my least favorite add in I had a killer headache and I just wasn’t feeling it. I worked hard but I dropped my speed on the second block and let’s not even discuss the rowing. I finished them but nowhere near what I know I am capable of.

I’m taking tomorrow off from the gym and I’m hoping I’m feeling better and more motivated come Wednesday.

Tonight for dinner it was some leftovers and a lemon pepper chicken breast I picked up super cheap yesterday while grocery shopping. It was so good. I’ll be sure to be on the lookout for them again when they are on sale.

Now onto the heavy stuff. As I’m learning more and more about Cushing’s Disease I’m realizing how serious this is. It’s fatal if left untreated. I’m glad it’s been found and looking back and now knowing what the signs and symptoms are I realize I’ve been “sick” a lot longer than I thought. I mean for the last 2+ years I’ve known something was seriously wrong and getting my primary care doctor to listen to me was a battle. And, this part makes me angry. I told him over and over for 2 years that there was something seriously wrong with me and it was ignored. It was you need to see a nutritionist, you have sleep apnea, and you just aren’t trying hard enough. Basically he formed an opinion of me and stuck with it. Every day he didn’t listen to my concerns was another day I was getting sicker, one more thing in my body was slowly being altered and or destroyed.

I’ve gained 150 pounds in 18 months, my skin is worse than that of a teen hitting puberty, I basically have a beard from all the facial hair growth. My vision in my right eye went from 20/30 to 20/150 in a year it hadn’t changed in 5 years, not to mention I’ve lost vision in my field of vision not a lot but would get worse if this hadn’t been found. I have nerve damage. I have numbness in my ring and pinky fingers and my palms. We won’t know if this will correct itself after the tumor is removed. I have high blood pressure, I have scars all over my shin from skin lesions/rash I have, bruises everywhere, the hair on my head is thinning, and let’s not even talk about the fatigue. All I want to do is sleep. I’ve been sleeping on average 18-20 hours a day for weeks. How can you live a life when you’re only awake for 6 hours a day.

I’m of course in a holding pattern right now as I’m waiting for my MRI which is scheduled for next Monday. I’m hoping by the end of next week we will have a clear picture of what we are looking at with this tumor and to get the surgery scheduled and start to get my life back.

I will say this if you know something is wrong with you don’t stop until they listen to you because only you know your body. If I had given up fighting my doctor who knows where I’d be this time next year. You have to be your biggest fighter.

Here’s to Monday and a great Thanksgiving week.

It’s Been A Day 321/365

I woke up this morning feeling more tired than when I went to bed last night.

I headed off to OTF for my Sunday morning torture session, I mean workout. It was a strength day with a run/row and to add to the madness it was also a switch day.

The blocks were all 10.5 minutes and luckily the run/rows weren’t too terrible. Short runs with short rows. I like it but it also kicks my ass.

The floor blocks were good and since the reps were lower I upped it on the weights and well my coach had me up them even more. She may or may not have received an eye roll.

Overall it was a good workout and I’m ready to see what tomorrow has in store for me. Oh and did I mention that Friday was my 100th class which made today 101. Here’s to the next 100.

After OTF it was off to grocery shop. I of course didn’t meal plan this week which meant there was no list. I knew I needed stuff for Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving so I grabbed that stuff and then found some meat that was on sale and decided that would be dinner at some point this week. I figured I won’t need to cook too much since the end of the week I’ll have tons of leftovers.

I went to 3 stores. And, they were all insane. Holy people out grocery shopping. I started off at Trader Joe’s and picked up some staples I needed. And, while there discovered they had new sparkling water flavors. What!!!! Yeah I had to buy them all. This is how I left the store:Yeah a wine box filled with my waters. It was perfect since I’m just leaving them in there on the floor until I’m ready to drink it.

After Trader Joe’s it was off to Aldi’s to pick up some items which was pretty quick and then it was off to Kroger to pick up some deli sliced cheese and my almond milk. After that it was home for a nice relaxing shower and then pretty much I’ve become a bum.

I have no appetite and am not in the least bit hungry. However, I need to eat you know that whole need food to live thing. However, I’m not feeling like cooking nor do I want anything elaborate. I had ground turkey that needed to be cooked up so I basically recreated a meal I made a few weeks ago when I was feeling the same way. I’ve decided to call it healthier hamburger helper, who needs stuff that comes out of a box. Cooked up the ground turkey, some gluten free pasta, and topped it with a pumpkin butternut squash sauce. And, well there is a crap ton of leftovers. So yeah no worries about the not planning for the week as I have plenty of leftovers and will continue to rack them up as the week goes on.

Here’s hoping tomorrow I’m feeling more awake and motivated to get things done. As I have a whole ton of laundry that needs to get done and a kitchen that could use a good scrub.

Hope your weekend was enjoyable. Now I’m going to read my chapters for my book club tomorrow and then call it a day.

A Little Hope 320/365

Today I got up well before the sun drove 2.5 hours and got to be part of something amazing. I was out with RocSolid Foundation and our wonderful sponsors WAKA to build a playset for Olivia and her brother Tristan. Olivia is battling brain cancer.

This family’s life may be consumed by doctor appointments, chemotherapy, sickness, and bad days, but not today. Today they got to forget about the fight they are in and enjoy themselves as a family. A limo picked them up whisked them off to breakfast and then a morning of bowling.

When the family returned we had cleaned up their backyard and built a playset for them to enjoy long after we’ve cleaned up and returned home.

This is what hope looks like and what it’s all about. So proud to be a part of this amazing foundation and all they stand for.

St Least It’s Friday 319/365

I started the morning off with going to get more lab work done and also meeting with my endocrinologist to discuss what’s in store for me over the next couple of months. It’s not looking fun but at least the light at the end of the tunnel is that I will hopefully start to feel better.

After that it was time to work my butt off at OTF. It was an ESP day and it pushed me. I was completely not feeling the rowing at all today and it just wasn’t working for me. But, on the treads I pushed myself on the 5 minute distance challenges and thanks to the encouragement of the coach I upped my weight by a lot on the weight floor. I’m stronger than I think.

4 calories short of 500. Boooo so close.

Did my nails today and they are ready for Thanksgiving.

Now it’s off to a wine social for a few and then it’s home to sleep because it’s an early morning tomorrow.

Here’s to the weekend.

Hope 318/365

It was an endurance day at OTF which kicked my butt.

I’m still exhausted from it 12 hours later.

Tonight we had a Volunteer Appreciation Party for Roc Solid. It was great getting to see a lot of the volunteers and hanging out with everyone.

The newest decor in the house thanks to Roc Solid and well good right now I need that reminder. Hope, there is hope and a light at the end of this long ass tunnel I’m currently traveling.

Here’s to tomorrow and a better day.

Uhmmm Maybe I’m Practicing For Thanksgiving 317/365

Yeah here’s what dinner looked like tonight

Chicken instead of turkey but got some mashed sweet potatoes and stuffing. Of course that will look nothing like my actual Thanksgiving plate will look like. I mean I’m missing cranberry sauce, casseroles, mashed potatoes, and biscuits. And, let’s not even discuss the desserts. I’ll be making something extremely tasty.

Ahhhhh I made it through Wednesday I’m over the hump and next week is a really short week, so I can do it. Have a great night.

Getting It Done 316/365

Started my day off at OTF, third day in a row and I wasn’t completely gassed. Maybe I’m starting to get stronger. This was a weird workout as it was a signature workout called Go Row yeah not exactly my favorite. It was also the second day in a row of an esp workout. Not that I’m complaining about that. I really like esp days so I was okay with having another session. The rowing not so much a fan of but I made it through it. On the weight floor I was able to do it all and made sure I really went after it with the weights I was using so that’s a win.

And for dinner tonight I went with a paleomg recipe. I made a meatloaf her recipe uses the Instapot I don’t have one yet but I’ll be getting one. So I cooked it the old fashioned way you know in the oven. I paired it with mashed potatoes but her recipe even includes potatoes cooked in the instapot. I’ll have to try this again when I have an instapot and make the potatoes.

Want the recipe for yourself just click right here, and you can enjoy the scrumptiousness that this meal is.

Hope your Tuesday has been wonderful.

Broke 500 315/365

It’s been a productive day and it all started off with an Orange Theory session. It was ESP day, so it was a little bit of everything.

I love all of the coaches but I have a running joke with one in which I profess my utter hate for him. I don’t really hate him but we have a joke going. I mean the first day I met him I did tell him that he looked like he wanted to be punched in the face. We’ve come a long way since than. But, because of this relationship we’ve established he definitely pushes me and challenges me. All of the coaches do, but he will call me out and basically irritate me and I want to push harder. Of course there may be a proclamation of hate and a 1 finger salute given but sometimes that’s what I need to realize I can do more than I think I can.

Today I broke 500 calories burned which hasn’t really been happening lately so that extra push was worth it.

Oh and just got a call from my doctor’s office. The latest round of tests came back and I have cushings. Now it’s time to find what’s causing it. But, at least we have some answers now.

Oh what a Monday.

Yeah I Should Be Doing Stuff But I’m Not 314/365

This pretty much sums up my weekend

Eating like a toddler and not caring one bit.

Oh responsibility’s yeah who cares. Netflix and chill Yup I like that better.

Although I did go to Orange Theory this morning and get a workout in.

So I mean I did do something.

I have people coming to my house tomorrow night it’s a sty I work tomorrow. Yeah I’ll get a ton of cleaning done in about 2 hours after work before people show up. Because, let’s face it it’s not happening today.

Happy Sunday or Sloth Day as I’m calling it.

It Was A Good Day 312/365

Today started off 2 hours earlier than I typically start my Friday mornings, but guess what I survived it and it turned into a great day.

I hit up OTF 2 hours earlier than normal on a Friday because I had an appointment for work at noon and wanted to make sure I had time to prepare for it.

Today’s workout was all about power. Lots of sprints on the treadmill and power moves on the weight floor oh and let’s not forget all out rows on the rowers. I think I’m still trying to recover from those 12 hours later.

I pushed it hard today and definitely felt the burn and the sweat pouring off me today. And, I rowed at 8.2mph for about 3 seconds but still I rowed 8mph. I’ll take that. Next time we measure in mph I’ll have to compare and see if I’ve improved any.

Yeah check those splat points out. Once I got there I pretty much stayed in the Orange the whole time.

A great workout and I’m pretty excited for Sunday’s workout.

Tonight for dinner since it’s Friday I went with a pizza themed meal. I made a slow cooker cauliflower pizza casserole. It’s another Instagram recipe and well all I have to say is HOT DANG THATS GOOD!!!! It came out so good and of course there are tons of leftovers just waiting to be frozen to be enjoyed at another time. Tonight’s recipe is from @cleanfoodcrush if you don’t follow her you should definitely check her out.

Now to decide what’s for dinner next week and get to making the meal plan and shopping list.

Happy Friday all.