Can I Get A Nap Please 31/365

Holy Cannoli Batman!!! I can so use a nap. 

Between, returning home from vacation, trying to catch up on life, work, and chasing after a toddler, I can say that I’m in serious need of a nap. 

Today, the toddler and I headed to an preschool playroom. They have a big climber with slides, different areas of the room devoted to trucks, trains, a house setup, stage complete with all sorts of dress up clothes, ride on toys, book nook, sensory play, and arts and crafts. 

We spent 2.5 hours there playing everything and running lots of running. In circles, up ladders, from other kids, to other kids, you name it was done. 

We then discovered the trains and well it was all over from there. We crawled around on the floor first constructing the track then racing the trains over our tracks. 

You’d think after that a toddler would fall asleep on the ride home, but nope still ready to go. And, well you’ve guessed it was a no nap day. I could really use a nap too, but not today. Here’s hoping for an early bedtime. 

Tomorrow starts a new month and a renewed effort on this journey as I’ve been slacking lately. 

Chasing A Toddler 30/365

I spent today chasing after a very energetic 2 year old. 

I played cars, pushed a swing for what seemed forever, and played with the dogs. 

Tomorrow’s agenda has a trip to the indoor playground which will be a ton of fun. Slides, climbing, and jumping lots of jumping. 

Yeah I met and exceeded my move goal for the day. Yup new gym plan chasing a 2 year old. 

Confession Time Day 29/365

Okay, here it is confession time. Last week and a half I’ve really fallen off the wagon. I was away from home traveling. I had good moments and also horrendous moments when it came to making good food choices and being active. 

A 12 hour car ride can definitely put an impact on the ability to be active. I mean dancing in my seat I don’t think really counts. As for eating while being in the car for 12 hours fast food and convienance stores don’t always offer the best food choices. I did my best by getting fruit and cheese cups or veggie trays, but you can only live off that for so long. I of course save myself with the whole beverage thing as I only drink water. So, no wasted calories, unwanted sugar, or other garbage there. 

When we reached Jacksonville and visited with family I stuck with healthy options at the restaurants. Or the healthiest options that they offered. 

As for activity I did do some fun things that got me out and moving. I posted about one of those activities earlier. I visited the Catty Shack Sanctuary. I got to wander the grounds and see all the big cats and also watched the nighttime feeding. 

Here’s a glimpse of one of the tigers in case you missed that post. 

And, well then I spent 4 days on a cruise. Yes, a cruise. It was an impromptu vacation. It was great. However, food and drinks were consumed and not in small increments. However, there was a lot of wandering the ship and the ports we visited. 

We wandered all over Nassau, Bahamas. 

Queen’s Staircase

Fort Fincastle

View from the top of the Fort

The Government House

Greycliffe Hotel

The Pirate Museum

Bahamian Kitchen – Grouper

Bahamian Kitchen – Conch Everything

We also went to Freeport where I had one of the best days of my life. I got to swim with Dolphins!!!!

So yes I got some swimming and walking and even stair climbing in while on vacation definitely not as much exercise as I should be getting in but I did some. Now I’m back and it’s time to really step it up. 

Have a great Sunday evening. 

Making A Difference 28 out of 365

I’ve been working with this amazing organization for the last 9 months, and tonight I had the opportunity to take part again. 

Roc Solid Foundation is an organization that works with pediatric cancer patients. There are several layers that the Foundation takes part in. The big ones are Ready Bags, which are bags loaded with items that a family will need when their child is first diagnosed with cancer. The bag is filled with toiletries, a tablet, rolls of quarters, a blanket, just to name a few of the items found in the bag. 

For children 8 and under, a swing set is built for the child, and children age 8-18 get a room remodel. 

Volunteers come together to complete these builds while the family has a fun day. A limo shows up at their house, and whisks them off for breakfast and an activity, such as Build A Bear, arcades, fun houses, or the children’s museum to name a few things that have been experienced by the children and their families. 

It’s amazing to be able to give back, and I feel amazing after each and every build I go on, and every time I volunteer with them. 

We usually don’t do builds this early in the year, but this one came up and all that were available to make it happen came together to put together the swing set. 

All of the different sections of the swing set were assembled and loaded into the trailer to be taken to the site tomorrow where the sections of the swing set will be put all together. We usually do all of the building at the site, however it’s cold and this was a last minute build so our volunteer availability was not quite as high as it normally is. But, hey we got to test out a build in our new warehouse space. And, well it rocked and we rocked out this build. 

I won’t be at the site as I had already promised a friend with help moving so I did my part now. 

If you’d like to learn more about Roc Solid you can learn all about it here. If you can please consider making a donation. Every child deserves to have the chance to be a child and play and that’s what we do. Bringing hope through the power of play. 

Love working with this organization, giving back, making a difference, and even getting some activity in while feeling very grateful that I can be a part of this.  

Battling Cravings 27 out of 365

Anyone else have days where you have insane cravings? Man do I have days like that. 

My cravings are always for either something sweet or salty. I have a huge sweet tooth which I am seriously try to curb or at least take quite a bit. Then of course the salty thing sometimes I just want the salt but of course I want it in the form of junk food. This too I am trying to curb. 

I found this and am going to post it to my fridge as I’m ready to see if this works. As I need to not be craving these things. I can only deny and convince myself I don’t really want it for so long. 

What cravings do you have and how do you battle them? I’d love any and all ideas. Anything will help. 

Some Things To Remember 26 out of 365

Some times I need a bit of motivation and a reminder that this is not a race but a journey and that I’m bound to have ups and downs. This is okay. This month has seen a lot of downs, it’s not over yet, I can still kick the last few days of the months butt. 

But, to help remind myself I found some of these sayings and they really resonated with me. So maybe they can help someone else. 

HOVR What 25/365

I’m a kickstarter/indiegogo supporter. I find myself looking through to see what campaigns are going on and if there are any cool ideas. 

Last year I backed HOVR, and it came at the perfect time. One I was recovering from ankle surgery and couldn’t bare weight, and two my new job has me sitting at a desk a lot more than I’m used too. 

Now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself what in the heck is a HOVR? Well as their slogan says, Sit down and walk. It’s an exercise device of sorts I’d guess you’d say. 

There are two models a stand model 

And, the under the desk mount model

As an early backer I received the stand and the mount for under the desk. I use the stand as I can move it from room to room and it slides easily under my desk. 

I use it at my desk while I’m sitting doing work, and at night while I’m watching television I’ll bring it into the living room and “walk” as I catch up on Hrey’s Anatomy or whatever it is I’m into that night. 

I love that there are several range of motions you can also get out of it that you can’t really get with a normal walk. You can move your legs forward and backward as if walking, you can do side to side which almost simulates a marching step, and even get some heel and toe raise type work, so your working the calves. 

Are you burning as many calories and working your muscles as hard as if you went for a walk, probably not, but I can say this I definitely feel it while I’m doing it. And, well I’m doing something as opposed to just sitting still. I’m a believer that something is a whole lot better than nothing. ​

You can learn more about HOVR or even purchase your own by clicking here. 

I highly recommend this if you are stuck sitting behind a desk or if you have a leg injury, you’ve got a way to get some exercise in without full weight baring. 

If you have any questions about HOVR let me know and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability. ​

Pampering Day 24 of 365

Okay, so sometimes a girl needs a little me time, and pampering. 

I really need it as my new job is way more time consuming than I had anticipated, not that that is a bad thing. Especially, after being pretty much home bound for over 3 months. So, getting out and going to the office 3 days a week and then meeting clients and working from home has made things way busier than I’ve been. 

Add in the fact that I had ankle surgery back in September and well this girl was in desperate need of some TLC for her feet.  I went and got a pedicure for the first time in over 4 months a little over a week ago. My poor feet, the poor guy doing my pedicure.

All I can say is it was magnificent. Between the massage chair, the massage and hot stone massage I was in heaven. Oh and my toenails look great with polish on them and my feet are looking healthy again. Even now they are looking great. 

Along with getting the pedicure I went to the spa and got my eyebrows threaded. I’m an eyebrow threading girl, I can’t do waxing. Waxing always causes me to break out, plus threading gets all of those fine hairs. 

I’ve got great looking toes and eyebrows. All that was left were my fingers. Those I do myself. 

I think we all feel better about ourselves when we take a little time to take care of ourselves. Doing little things to make myself feel good and keep me focused on this journey. 

I won’t give up. 

Paleo Chocolate Cake Day 23 of 365

Earlier this month I made my husband a cake for his birthday.  I decided to make a Paleo cake as it would be something I could eat if I wanted not that I’m a big chocolate cake fan, but I’d be able to try it if I wanted to. I took a real gamble on this as it was my first time making the recipe and I was also going to be feeding it to other people besides my husband and myself. 

Well I’m happy to report it came out great. It wasn’t dry had plenty of flavor but no overpowering coconut flavor as coconut milk and flour were used in it. Everyone that tried it enjoyed it. I will say this it’s rich and dense. A little piece goes a long way. 

Here it is just out of the oven.

I found the recipe on Pinterest. Which, I will say it’s hit or miss with Pinterest. The recipes I’ve tried either come out amazing and I use them a ton, such as the French Onion Soup recipe I found or a complete and utter mess, like a cauliflower alfredo sauce I tried. Anyway, this one is being moved to the pins I’ve tried and love board. We will definitely be making this again. 

I frosted my cake with a whipped almond butter frosting I made, however you can top it with whatever you want and I’m sure it’d be fantastic. 

You can check out the recipe right here.

I highly recommend giving this a try. Oh and I doubled the recipe as there were 20 people over at the house and I wanted to make sure there was enough for everyone. There was and then some as I said it’s pretty rich and dense so a little goes a long way. 

Hope you enjoy. 

Big Cats & Lots of Steps 22 out of 365

I’ve been traveling which means lots of time spent eating out and looking for the best options and lots of time sitting in a car driving. And, well as we all know sitting in a car driving for long periods of time does not equate to being active at all. 

Last night I got to remedy that a little by going to an animal sanctuary. I visited a big cat sanctuary called Catty Shack in Jacksonville, Florida. You can check out their website and learn all about them here.

It’s not huge but it was amazing. So many tigers, 2 lions, some cougars, and panthers. We enjoyed a tour of the sanctuary along with tons of information about each animal. After the tour we were able to wander around and take pictures of the animals while we waited for the next event. Night time feeding. 

We got to watch them feed all of the cats and it was really cool to see them go to their respective space and wait for their dinner. 

Needless, to say walking around the sanctuary a few times helped with the steps and activity level of the day. Oh did I mention that it was beautiful all day until we went to the sanctuary and then it all of sudden became monsoon weather. 

The tigers loved the rain, the lion not so much. He wouldn’t come out of his house. Trust me I don’t blame him I was soaked even with an umbrella. Oh well a little rain water won’t hurt me I didn’t melt. 

What You Eat On The Road 21/365

I’m currently on the road and staying at s hotel. Hotel living isn’t really the best for healthy eating. 

So yeah, I resorted to this 

I mean it’s Mickey Mouse. I’m actually kind of kicking myself for not grabbing more than one. Grapes, Apple slices, and cheese. Yes, please. It was just what I needed. 

So yes you can be on the road and still manage to eat/snack healthy if you try and look out for some great finds. 

Gahhhhh Stress 20 Days of 365

I had a day of visiting my inlaws and then got hammered by work. I’m out of town, I put myself on pause for new client rotation, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting new clients while I’m spending time with family. 

HA! That was a pipe dream apparently. A co-worker left our office today and so all of her clients were split up between all of the rest of us. 

I returned from visiting my father in law to find out I had 27 new clients. WHAT!!!! Oh man. Can we say stress. 

I plowed through all 27 new clients which when they are transferred to you as opposed to brand new, you have to look back at their files and see what has been going on with them. So, instead of a few minutes to get them set up it can be 10-30 minutes for each one. And, there were 27 of them. 

I made it through all of them and I was able to get through them pretty quickly it only took about two and a half hours. This was of course with me doing a speed read of their files. I have some follow ups to do with a couple of them tomorrow and later this week. Only problem is I will be unavailable starting Sunday until Friday. Luckily, I work with some amazing people and my team leader will be taking over those for me until I get back. 

I really wanted to reach for a big bite of chocolate but I didn’t. Not today, stress eating is not going to happen. Although, I may need a glass of wine, a big one at that. 

Ahhhh, I was excited to go to work a few days ago right?