Holy Cannoli I’m Out Of Shape (Day 2 of 365)

Well today hasn’t gone exactly as planned but that’s okay. Life isn’t ever going to be something that follows along a certain path anyway and we need to learn to roll with the punches so to speak. 

Today brought rain lots of rain which meant no outdoor walk for this girl. And, as for the treadmill it hasn’t been plugged in since the hurricane and well there was some water in the garage so I wasn’t about to plug it in and find out if it worked or was potentially going to be the death of me. I’ll leave that for my husband to check out for me.  

So, great no walk already failing on my journey. I turned it around though, because my house needed to be cleaned and vacuuming had to be done. Well I love at the beach, have all hardwood floors, and 2 dogs that shed a ton. Yeah vacuuming in my house is a full-blown workout. I mean furniture has to be moved and then you chase the dog hair around the floors with the vacuum hoping you get it all. So it wasn’t a walk but I did get some serious steps in. 

After that I moved onto Day 1 of the Ashy Bines Booty Challenge. Oh My!!! I am so screwed. I may have bitten off way more than I can chew. It was just supposed to be a little workout to give you an idea of what is to come. Well if today is any indication of what is to come I might just die. 

I. Am. Out. Of. Shape. Holy Cannoli. I actually couldn’t completely finish the whole workout. I did finish part of the workout but the majority I only did half. It was supposed to be 4 rounds of the workout I only completed one of the exercises 4 rounds the rest I was only able to complete 2 rounds.  

So yeah, I am out of shape. Granted a bit of only doing 2 rounds was also due to my ankle that is still recovering from ankle reconstruction, but let’s be honest here it was so difficult for me because well I’m overweight and out of shape. 

But, I’m going to focus on the positive as opposed to the negative. 

  • I did what I could 
  • I fought the excuses not to do it
  • Every day I stick with it I will get stronger
  • Doing half is better than not doing any
  • I now know what the next 27 days are going to be like

So yeah, I didn’t quite do what was expected of me but I did what I could do and I’m going to do it again tomorrow and the day after that and so on. By the end of this, 27 days from now I am going to be stronger, fitter, healthier, and seriously proud of myself for not only sticking to this but for accomplishing whatever it may be that I accomplish. Heck, who knows it may just be that I complete a whole workout, but no matter what it is it’ll be an accomplishment and one I’ve worked hard for. 

And, hey with only doing the half workout I still managed to torch some calories. 

My meal plan is a bit all over today as well. The weather sucked so I slept in really late and it’s the last day off so I enjoyed my bed a little longer than I should have. So breakfast didn’t happen as it was nearing lunch time by the time I got myself up and really functioning. I then moved what I had planned on for dinner to lunch. 

The reason for this is tonight I’m hosting The Bachelor Premier Party tonight at my house and will have a bunch of girlfriends over. So I’m going to eat a ton of veggies from the veggie platter and a little goat cheese, and maybe enjoy a glass of wine. I have a plan to eat healthy foods well except the glass of wine, but I plan to stick to it and not over indulging/binge. I’ll be eating off a small plate to also keep my portions in check. 

So yeah today is only day 2 and already some wrenches have been thrown into my plan, but I’ve been able to overcome them and move forward. 

I. Am. Going. To. Succeed. 

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