Torching Calories or Day 3 of 365

Today has been all about setting fire to the old calories. 3 workouts done. My morning walk, physical therapy, and Day 2 of Ashy Bines Booty Challenge. I once again did not complete the entire workout, but I’ll get to the reason for that shortly. 

I started the day off with my alarm going off an hour earlier than usual so that I could get my morning walk in as it’s part of the challenge I’ve signed up for. Well, I once again woke up to rain. 

Mother Nature seriously WTF? I finally get the grit, determination, and motivation to do this and make these changes and I’m actually excited about it, and you literally have to rain on my parade. 

Well joke’s on you Mother Nature I got my walk in anyway. I loaded up a Leslie Sansone video and I walked 3 miles in my living room. Yeah that’s right I got a 3 mile walk in, in my nice dry perfect temperature living room. So take that Mother Nature. 

When life gives you lemons or in this case rain you adjust and say haaaa I’ll take that lemonade. 

I had physical therapy today and well since getting the all clear no restrictions from the doctor to say my physical therapy sessions have become a bit more intense would be an understatement. 90 minutes of work, and I mean work. 

  • Biking✔
  • Balance work times a lot ✔
  • Step ups✔
  • Leg lifts with resistance✔
  • Leg lifts with weights✔
  • Deadlifts✔
  • Leg press✔
  • Hurdles✔
  • Bridges✔
  • Heel & Calf raises✔

Yeah it was exhausting than add in the mobilization work and I was about ready to collapse. But, hey I pushed on and made it through. 

After my PT session I still had my Day 2 workout to complete. Well it’s a HIIT workout. Which required me to do AMRAP for 15 minutes with several exercises. I did this I had to make a few modifications as lateral hops became skaters since the ankle isn’t quite strong enough for jumping yet, skipping rope was more of a bounce, and then of course the workout called for step ups, got those down, and deadlifts yup got them down too. Along with a couple of other exercises that I didn’t have to modify. I only did this portion of the workout as I was spent from everything else I had already done today and also the rest of the workout was more of what I had already done in PT. More bridges, deadlifts, and the like. 

I’m okay with doing what I did I mean I did a lot, and yes it’s another day where I didn’t complete the full workout but I pushed myself through what I did do, and I had done stuff before. So this is a win in my book. 

By the end of this challenge I’ll be finishing the whole workout, but I also know I need to listen to my body otherwise I can do some harm. 

I look at it this way every day I do something it’s a step in the right direction and I know that I will eventually get there. It’s just going to take time. 

I’ve got this and I will succeed. 

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