A Whole Lot Going On Day 5 of 365

I started this morning off with a walk. Although, this morning I had company which was a nice treat. My husband and our dogs came along for the walk. 

We have 2 large dogs who are awful to walk so if I’m by myself they don’t get to go on walks as they would kill me or at the very least rip my arms from their sockets. So, today they got to go for a walk. They of course sniffed everything and slowed down the walk a bit, but it was a family outing. 

It was a bit brisk this morning and well it didn’t warm up to much at all today, and from the weather report it’s looking like winter may actually show up this weekend. So, hmmmm maybe I’ll be taking a walk in a winter wonderland this weekend. 

After the walk it was time for Day 4 of the Ashy Bines Booty Challenge. Oh did I mention that my hamstrings and calf muscles are killing me today. Yeah, luckily it was a double workout, but not to awful. It consisted of a 16 minute strength workout which involved single leg dead lifts, squat holds, planks, crescent lunges, and a balance sequence. Let’s just say yes I felt the burn. This was followed up by 20 minutes of yoga. Ahhhh yeah I can feel the stretch. 

I made dinner in the crockpot today. Of course it needed some prep cooking before it could go in the crockpot, which was pretty minimal and easy to do. I can’t even tell you how much I love my crockpot. I love that I can throw stuff in and forget about it until I’m ready for dinner. 

Tonight’s dinner was Chicken Tikka Masala. I used the recipe from Fed & Fit by Cassy Joy Garcia. If you haven’t checked her out you need to. It’s amazing. I’ve made several recipes from her book and I’ve only had it maybe a month or 2 and every recipe has been AAAHHHHHMMMAAAZZZIIINNNGGGG!! It’s not just a cookbook it’s also a guide to basically changing your lifestyle, it’s an easy read and it’s more like you’re sitting down with her and just talking than reading another “diet” book. You can get her book on Amazon. So worth every penny. 

Here’s something about her recipes they are easy to make, the most complicated thing I’ve made so far was tonight’s dinner and well it wasn’t difficult at all to make. They are quick to make. Most recipes take maybe 30 minutes some take a bit longer but the prep work is quick and than it’s the actual cooking time where you don’t have to be doing anything with it, so you’re free to do other things. They taste amazing like lick the bowl good. And, finally it makes a ton. I mean when I say a ton I mean enough to feed an army. I could eat for the next 2 weeks without having to cook from all of the leftovers I’ve put in the freezer from using her recipes. I love having stuff for the freezer as it makes life easier when I have a busy week and know cooking meals every day is just time I don’t have. Plus it comes in handy when life decides to happen. So get your hands on this book. 

I would of normally served this with cauliflower rice, but the husband doesn’t like cauliflower rice, well when he knows what it is anyway, I’ve snuck it into things before and he has had no clue. Anyway, to welcome him back home I conceded and served it with brown basmati rice instead. 

I also did my meal planning for the upcoming week and picked up the needed supplies. It’s going to be a yummy, healthy food filled week. 

Looking forward to tomorrow and a friend’s birthday party. We are going to Korean BBQ so I’m weighing my options and what will be the healthiest/best option for me. I will do the best I can and that’s all I can do. I know I will not overindulge and keep my portions under control. 5 days and I’m going strong. 

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