Snow Day Day 7 of 365

Today we woke up to a snowy winter wonderland. Well some snow and lots of sleet, wind, and cold temperatures. 

There was no going for a walk outside as it was like an ice skating rink out there. I however had tons of housework to do. 

I spent the morning cleaning up the kitchen as my husband had earlier done some beer brewing prep in the kitchen, and also had made himself bacon and eggs for breakfast. Love that he made himself breakfast instead of asking me to do it, however, the mess he left behind was something to be desired. I don’t call him the human tornado for nothing. 

After the kitchen had been scrubbed it was time to tackle the mounds of laundry. I’m happy to say the last load is in the dryer. All of the loads are folded and put away. Well except for my husbands clothes that go in his dresser. I refuse to put his away as he is like a dog digging to China when he goes in the drawers. Everything is unfolded and crumpled into balls which sends me over the edge as I’ve folded it all and put it away neat. So now he has to put his own laundry away. Oh and I have to treat him like a child and tell him he’s not allowed to do anything else until it’s put away. 

I also got some work done for some clients and picked up a new one so that’s good. 

As for eating, I’ve been on track. I’m actually going to need to eat something because I’ve eaten very little today, which is okay because I consumed way more than necessary yesterday. 

Days like that are going to happen and I need to just brush it off and learn from it. I need to take this one day at a time, even at times on meal at a time. 

Looking forward to going out to enjoy the snow tomorrow with less wind and and no stinging snow/sleet falling from the sky. 

Happy Saturday hope you’re enjoying your weekend and if you’re snowed in you’re nice and warm with your loved ones. 

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