Ikea Day!!!! My Favorite Day! Day 9 of 365

Today I got my workout in by enjoying the amaziness that is IKEA. We went to look for ideas for our kitchen. And, well we found tons. 

Of course I didn’t just look at kitchens I mean there is so much to explore and checkout in IKEA. 

When I say we were there for hours I mean we were running around that store for hours. No joke over 2 miles walked in IKEA today. 

I will say this about IKEA kitchens, I love their innovative ideas. I want self-closing drawers as my husband can’t figure out how to do that and it drives me absolutely batty. I love the big deep drawers with the secondary drawers in them. Oh, and today I discovered light up drawers. Yes, that’s right when you open the drawer a light goes on. Yes, please!!! 

Love the slide out shelves in the cabinets along with their lazy Susan corner cabinets. Oh and also today found a spice cabinet. I’ll have to show you a picture of my current spice cabinet and you’d quickly understand why I loved IKEA’s spice cabinet. 

Along with looking at different cabinet ideas we also got some ideas for our kitchen layout. It’s looking more and more like we may be doing a complete kitchen demo instead of a remodel. Lots of things to think about. 

And, well of course one  can’t visit IKEA without making a visit to the Marketplace. Oh how I love the Marketplace. I stock up on all sorts of stuff. Chip Clips✔ Dish Towels✔ Kitchen Utensils✔ And, that’s about it. Today’s trip was the cheapest we’ve ever made it out of IKEA. Of course that could soon change if we decide to go with IKEA cabinets in which case it will quickly become the most expensive trip to IKEA. 

So, with being gone all day I turned to the trusty slow cooker for night 2 of cooking dinner for me. Tonight’s wonderful meal was a lemon rosemary roasted chicken. It came out so good. 

I paired the chicken with a salad and mashed cauliflower. I didn’t tell the husband it was mashed cauliflower I simply said it’s mashed and he ate it right up. Yes, I’m being sneaky but he needs to eat healthier so I’ll trick him a little. Especially since today he ate 6 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and we aren’t talking the mini cups either. 

Tomorrow is another busy day complete with a serious physical therapy session for my ankle. I’m down to once a week for  physical therapy now, but am there for hours as they have me working hard and a lot. I’m okay with that I want this ankle back into full working order. 

I need to get back to my challenge as I only made it 3 days so I need to get back on track with that. My calf muscle is finally no longer a giant knot and I can finally bend and touch my toes again. I need to take it slow and remember that I am not in the shape that I want to be hence part of the reason why I am doing this and I’m still healing. So I must listen to my body and modify where I need too. 

I’m eating well and getting some walking in. Hoping by the end of the week the frozen ice rink that we are currently living in thaws and I can get back out to take some walks. Walking around inside is okay for a day here or there but it’s not that much fun long term. 

Hope your Monday wasn’t too much of a Monday for you. 


  1. SammyandSufi · January 10, 2017

    Sounds like you had such a cozy time at IKEA!! Jealous :))

    Liked by 1 person

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