Productive Day Day 10 of 365

Well, all I have to say is I’ve had a productive day, and the rest of the week is looking to be much of the same. 

I pulled out another Cookbook that is quickly becoming another favorite. The New Yiddish Kitchen you can grab your own copy here. This is only the second recipe I’ve tried but it was so good. I made stuffed cabbage, and every time I make stuffed cabbage I vow to never make it again yet I do. 

Today I actually made 2 things of stuffed cabbage, 1 with ground beef which was cabbage rolls, and 1 made with ground turkey that was more of a cabbage lasagna. 

Since, I was making a mess of the kitchen anyway I decided to make a dessert as well. I threw together this Paleo Apple Crisp. It is pretty amazing. This is the second time I’ve made it. I made it Christmas Day to take over to a friend’s house. It was devoured there as well as tonight. 

It’s a great recipe to make and it once again uses my favorite appliance of late the slow cooker to cook the apples. I got this recipe from My Whole Food Life. I’ve been following them on Facebook for a while now and love a lot of the recipes she creates. This one is definitely one that I’ll be keeping and clearly using often. You can check out the recipe here. Another recipe that is fairly quick since the slow cooker does the cooking for you and a healthier version for you to enjoy. 

Of course while I was cooking up a storm I had a ton of dishes to do and the sink kept clogging. I may have had some words to say. So yeah, my husband is freaking amazing. I left for physical therapy and came home to this:

New sink installed. Single basin stainless and the garbage disposal now works. Oh and best part no more clogged drain constantly. By the way this thing is huge like a small child could go swimming in it. Absolutely love it. Plus it will work with the new counters and cabinets that we plan to put in with the kitchen remodel. 

I had an intense physical therapy session today to get this ankle back into tip top shape. 90 minutes of biking, squats, step ups, hurdles, monster walks, dead lifts, leg press, 4 way leg work, bridges, leg lifts, balance exercises times a lot, and then of course some ankle movement exercises. This was all followed up with ice, stim, and massage to help push the swelling out. We will be moving to a compression sleeve in hopes that it will help with the swelling since everything we are and have been doing isn’t working. I’m just ready to have a foot and ankle back instead of a baseball with an overstuffed sausage. 

But, check that out I burned some calories while putting myself through the paces. 

And, oh yeah I rocked out my new lularoe train leggings. 

Love being comfortable and having a fun design to look at while I’m working out or pushing through physical therapy. 

And, well of course their was work, which went well. I had a great business call today and have some research and work to do before going to bed tonight and an early day at the office tomorrow but I like being busy. Sitting around for 3+ months nearly drove me crazy. 

Making moves, getting stronger, and improving every day. 

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