OMG Apparently They Liked It Day 11 out of 365

Today, has been another one of those busy productive days. Can I just say that I am loving going to work. Yeah, what did I just say? No, seriously I am loving going to work. I think after being stuck at home for so long recovery from ankle reconstruction that anytime I get to spend outside the house is just amazing. Oh, and it helps that the people I work with are awesome. So that makes it worth while. 

Anyway, spent the morning at the office and will be doing the same tomorrow. Came home and did some more work. One nice thing about being able to work from home I can catch up on other things as well as doing work. Double productivity. 

I’ve been sticking to the meal plan I set up for this week and tonight’s dinner was a Buffalo Chicken Casserole. Completely Paleo as well. Oh. My. Goodness. This dish came out amazing. So amazing that I usually have leftovers to have another entire meal at least that I’ll freeze for later. Yeah not tonight. The guys ate this dish up like it was their last meal. I made this dish in my huge stainless steel round dish I mean this thing is pretty huge and it was full. There may have been a quarter of the dish left after they got done chewing down. 

Getting ready to go in the oven

And, that’s all that’s left

So, I guess you can say dinner was a success. This was the first time I’ve made this recipe and well I guess I’ll be making this one again. 

This is another recipe from the Fed & Fit book I’ve been absolutely loving. This recipe took a little bit longer than a lot of the other ones I tried, but it wasn’t prep work that was more it was just cook time that was longer. From start to finish maybe 90 minutes give or take a few minutes. As, for prep time maybe 20 minutes, because peeling sweet potatoes sucks, and shredding chicken takes a minute or 2. But, honestly the prep work for this dish isn’t difficult at all. All pretty simple actually. 

I still need to get my butt back into exercising. Although, the sun was out today temps were warm and the ice has finally melted so getting out again is something that can happen. Whoooo!!!! I’m ready for winter to be over. I live at the beach bring on warm weather sun surf and sand please. 

Even with not doing workouts I’m consciously making sure I’m moving more and not sitting for too long of a period. And, I will have to say I love my Apple Watch for that, as it starts beeping at me and tells me to move if I’ve been sitting too long. My husband got me the watch for Christmas and I love it. I’ll be writing about that soon I’m sure. 

I’ve reached my Move total today and am almost at my 12 hours of standing my workout circle is well yeah nowhere near where it should be, but I’ll work on that. 

And, it’s hump day folks and well we need a little humor filled inspiration. 

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