Let’s Talk 310 on Day 14 of 365

I am in love with 310 Nutrition shakes. They are meal replacement/protein shakes. I can’t say enough about them. When I say I love them I mean it. 

I’ve tried countless brands of protein shakes and have always had the same result. Essentially it was money dumped down the drain. I couldn’t handle the taste, aftertaste, texture, or a combination of the like. 

Not with 310. I’ve finished several bags of the shake. And, I’m not only sticking to Vanilla, I’ve fallen in love with Salted Caramel, and even Chocolate. 

Now, the fact that I love the chocolate, I think more than I like the vanilla is saying something. I don’t like anything chocolate flavored. Chocolate cake no thanks, chocolate pudding I’ll pass, chocolate ice cream yuck gross, now don’t get me wrong put a chocolate bar in front of me and watch out you may lose a finger as I try to snatch it up but chocolate flavored things just don’t do it for me. So chocolate shake mixes have never been something I’ve liked. Well that is until 310. It’s really good. 

I love how well they blend and there is no gritty texture which is common with protein shakes but not this. And, there is no aftertaste. I’ve found this only with the old formula which is whey protein based. They have created a new all plant protein based formula which I tried and couldn’t drink it. I found it to be gritty and have an aftertaste plus the use of pea protein didn’t work for me. You can only order the plant based formula online you have to call them to order the old formula. Which, I don’t find a big deal. 

This company’s customer service is too notch. Anytime I’ve had an issue they’ve taken care of it immediately. They have also started a rewards program. You earn points for every dollar spent that you can redeem for money off future orders. They also are always running promotions with bundles and discounts. 

I love that the shake mix is only 90 calories which allows you to add things to it without making a 1000 calorie shake which often happens with other Shake brands on the market. 

Yesterday I made a latte with my shake I used the salted caramel shake mix, with almond milk and a persimmon. It was amazing. 

The entire thing was around 200 calories, and it’s a big old mug I’m drinking out of. 

Also, a great plus of the company is it’s not a MML company you buy direct from the company. So no need to deal with the sometimes overly aggressive sales pitches and the person you bought it through once harassing you to buy more. 

You can even put things on autoship and choose to have them delivered every 30,60, or 90 days depending on your needs.  I currently have 2 bags of shake mix come every 90 days as I only do a shake a day, its breakfast, and I have a slight stash sitting in my cabinet that I need to go through before I get more. So 90 days works for me. I can always change it just by making a quick call. 

The other 2 products I use are their tea, which I can’t even describe the taste or smell but to say it’s good. So good in fact that I want to duplicate the scent and put it in my oil burner so my entire house smells like it. The other product I use is their lemonade which comes in 4 flavors now. I have all 4 and have to say blackberry and raspberry are my 2 favorites. I usually mix up a lemonade in the afternoon to give me a bit of a change from just straight water. 

Yesterday I took the original lemonade and infused it with mango, carrot, and banana. It was pretty tasty. 

You can check out 310 Nutrition here. And use this Code to get 10%off your first order. 

Do you have any product that you love, I’d love to hear about it

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