Spoooooky Day 13 of 365 – Not Really, But It Is Friday The 13th

It’s Friday the 13th. Did you avoid breakin a mirror, black cats, and ladders? Oh and, it’s my husband’s birthday today. 

He spent the day dealing with a squirrel infestation. We apparently have one living in our wall. He’s determined to catch the thing me I’m ready to pack up and move. I don’t do nature living in my house. 

Today was a day that I didn’t have to head into the office but had a ton of work to do. I love that I can finally go into the office but I also enjoy days where I can wear my comfy clothes and drink my tea or whatever, not worry about showering till much later in the day, and best music way too loud while I work. 

I woke up to 8 new clients and then got another new one this afternoon so my work day became even busier than I had planned on. I plowed through my work and even managed to get a ton of housework done. 

Laundry✔ Scrub the bathrooms✔ Vacuum✔ Dust✔ Put all the crap that seems to accumulate every week✔ Party prep✔

And, can I say cleaning the bathroom especially showers and tubs are like doing a full blown workout. I was on my hands and knees scrubbing away. I can’t stand soap scum and just plain old dirt. I’ll steam mop the floors tomorrow morning and the bathrooms will be sparkling clean well for a day or 2 anyway. 

We went out for dinner tonight to celebrate my husband’s birthday. We went to Texas de Brazil steakhouse, or as he likes to refer to it the Festival of Meat. I love their salad bar and I special order chicken. They are awesome about accommodating my need for bacon wrapped chicken hold the bacon. Plus we have this Amazon server that we try to get every time we go, and tonight we got her. 

And, yes my husband was definitely saying yes please to pretty much everything they brought around. I was tapped out way before he was. I didn’t eat that much and still feel as if I ate enough for 7 people. 

And, cheers to the weekend. We are having a party at our house tomorrow and I started making and prepping a lot of the food already. I’ve made some healthy options, and then there are some not so healthy options, which I plan to stay away from. 

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