Just Breathe 18 Days in to the 365

Ever have one of those days where you don’t know wether you’re coming or going and life just seems to keep throwing things at you. Yeah, well that pretty much explains my day up until about an hour ago. 

It was an early morning with tons of stuff to get done at the house before heading into the office for two back to back meetings. 

At the office meetings were insane, jammed packed, and exhausting at times. 

After the meetings were over which of course ran late as I needed to be on time today, it was hop in the car and get on with the next part of my day. Of course I still have more work to do, and things to take care of. 

However, I just got this little reminder on my Apple Watch 

Why, thank you watch you’re right I need to take a moment to just breathe and bring focus back to me. Yes, I have lots of commitments to fill and take care of, but I also need to remember to take care of myself. And, well these last 3 days I’ve been going non-stop and it’s definitely taking a toll. I’m exhausted and cranky to say the least. 

So, yes watch I will take a minute to just breathe. And, I’m thinking a nice meditation session tonight is in order as I need to get centered a bit. I’ve been sleeping like garbage lately and I think a big part of that is that I’m so busy and all over the place that my brain is having a hard time shutting down when it’s time to sleep. 

So yes, I’ll be taking some more minutes to just breathe. I’ll get everything done but I need to just take a minute here and there for me. 

Thank goodness it’s Wednesday, I’m almost over the hump. 

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