That’s A Workout 17 of 365

Today was a physical therapy day. 

Physical therapy days, well I’m not going to lie, pretty much suck. It’s 2 hours ok 90 minutes of working my butt off followed by 30 minutes of massage, mobilization, ice, and electric stimulation. 

When I say physical therapy kicks my butt, I mean it. Here’s today’s stats:

I had 711 active calories burned. Yeah, I was cranking out the reps today. We added some new exercises today and changed up some exercises to make them more difficult. By the time I finished I was spent and oh yeah starving. 

So, yeah when your physical therapy workout is more intense than your normal workout it means it’s time to step it up, BIG TIME. 

I’ll be pushing myself harder in my workouts. I need to be burning the calories like this every time I workout. 

Next session we will be adding some jogging, jumping, and plyo work. Yeah I’m already not so sure about it. I’ll do it, but I just might curse my physical therapist the entire time. 

It was a good day today when it comes to activity that’s for sure. Here’s to more days like this. 

Bring on hump day. 

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