12 Hours In A Car 19/365

Okay so things I can tell you about 12 hours in a car. 

  • It’s boring as all get out
  • You notice lots of smells -skunk, burning rubber, the list could go on for quite a while but you get the idea
  • It’s boring so you want to munch on food, because we tend to eat out of boredom. This is NOT a good thing. Especially, when gas stations don’t exactly offer the best in healthy food options. Roasted cashews and string cheese please. 
  • You get really tired of looking at trees. I mean for 600 miles it’s just trees along the road. Can I please have a little variety. Although, we did stop here for a quick bathroom break and to stretch the old legs. Can you say NEON SIGNS?
  • You hear the same playlist on the radio about 47.2 times. 
  • All stations seem to talk at the same time 
  • Getting my activity in is well not happening, unless you count some passenger seat air guitar, dancing in my seat, and some serious lip syncing, okay belting it out as loud as I can singing as activity/exercise. And, if you do then I’ve gotten plenty of that in. 
  • Wearing comfy clothes is the only way to make the trip bareable
  • At least we will be reaching our destination shortly and then I can do some moving around and I’ll be all ready to go. As I’ve been sitting way too long and I’m in some pretty awesome leggings. 

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