Gahhhhh Stress 20 Days of 365

I had a day of visiting my inlaws and then got hammered by work. I’m out of town, I put myself on pause for new client rotation, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting new clients while I’m spending time with family. 

HA! That was a pipe dream apparently. A co-worker left our office today and so all of her clients were split up between all of the rest of us. 

I returned from visiting my father in law to find out I had 27 new clients. WHAT!!!! Oh man. Can we say stress. 

I plowed through all 27 new clients which when they are transferred to you as opposed to brand new, you have to look back at their files and see what has been going on with them. So, instead of a few minutes to get them set up it can be 10-30 minutes for each one. And, there were 27 of them. 

I made it through all of them and I was able to get through them pretty quickly it only took about two and a half hours. This was of course with me doing a speed read of their files. I have some follow ups to do with a couple of them tomorrow and later this week. Only problem is I will be unavailable starting Sunday until Friday. Luckily, I work with some amazing people and my team leader will be taking over those for me until I get back. 

I really wanted to reach for a big bite of chocolate but I didn’t. Not today, stress eating is not going to happen. Although, I may need a glass of wine, a big one at that. 

Ahhhh, I was excited to go to work a few days ago right?

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