Big Cats & Lots of Steps 22 out of 365

I’ve been traveling which means lots of time spent eating out and looking for the best options and lots of time sitting in a car driving. And, well as we all know sitting in a car driving for long periods of time does not equate to being active at all. 

Last night I got to remedy that a little by going to an animal sanctuary. I visited a big cat sanctuary called Catty Shack in Jacksonville, Florida. You can check out their website and learn all about them here.

It’s not huge but it was amazing. So many tigers, 2 lions, some cougars, and panthers. We enjoyed a tour of the sanctuary along with tons of information about each animal. After the tour we were able to wander around and take pictures of the animals while we waited for the next event. Night time feeding. 

We got to watch them feed all of the cats and it was really cool to see them go to their respective space and wait for their dinner. 

Needless, to say walking around the sanctuary a few times helped with the steps and activity level of the day. Oh did I mention that it was beautiful all day until we went to the sanctuary and then it all of sudden became monsoon weather. 

The tigers loved the rain, the lion not so much. He wouldn’t come out of his house. Trust me I don’t blame him I was soaked even with an umbrella. Oh well a little rain water won’t hurt me I didn’t melt. 

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