Paleo Chocolate Cake Day 23 of 365

Earlier this month I made my husband a cake for his birthday.  I decided to make a Paleo cake as it would be something I could eat if I wanted not that I’m a big chocolate cake fan, but I’d be able to try it if I wanted to. I took a real gamble on this as it was my first time making the recipe and I was also going to be feeding it to other people besides my husband and myself. 

Well I’m happy to report it came out great. It wasn’t dry had plenty of flavor but no overpowering coconut flavor as coconut milk and flour were used in it. Everyone that tried it enjoyed it. I will say this it’s rich and dense. A little piece goes a long way. 

Here it is just out of the oven.

I found the recipe on Pinterest. Which, I will say it’s hit or miss with Pinterest. The recipes I’ve tried either come out amazing and I use them a ton, such as the French Onion Soup recipe I found or a complete and utter mess, like a cauliflower alfredo sauce I tried. Anyway, this one is being moved to the pins I’ve tried and love board. We will definitely be making this again. 

I frosted my cake with a whipped almond butter frosting I made, however you can top it with whatever you want and I’m sure it’d be fantastic. 

You can check out the recipe right here.

I highly recommend giving this a try. Oh and I doubled the recipe as there were 20 people over at the house and I wanted to make sure there was enough for everyone. There was and then some as I said it’s pretty rich and dense so a little goes a long way. 

Hope you enjoy. 

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