HOVR What 25/365

I’m a kickstarter/indiegogo supporter. I find myself looking through to see what campaigns are going on and if there are any cool ideas. 

Last year I backed HOVR, and it came at the perfect time. One I was recovering from ankle surgery and couldn’t bare weight, and two my new job has me sitting at a desk a lot more than I’m used too. 

Now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself what in the heck is a HOVR? Well as their slogan says, Sit down and walk. It’s an exercise device of sorts I’d guess you’d say. 

There are two models a stand model 

And, the under the desk mount model

As an early backer I received the stand and the mount for under the desk. I use the stand as I can move it from room to room and it slides easily under my desk. 

I use it at my desk while I’m sitting doing work, and at night while I’m watching television I’ll bring it into the living room and “walk” as I catch up on Hrey’s Anatomy or whatever it is I’m into that night. 

I love that there are several range of motions you can also get out of it that you can’t really get with a normal walk. You can move your legs forward and backward as if walking, you can do side to side which almost simulates a marching step, and even get some heel and toe raise type work, so your working the calves. 

Are you burning as many calories and working your muscles as hard as if you went for a walk, probably not, but I can say this I definitely feel it while I’m doing it. And, well I’m doing something as opposed to just sitting still. I’m a believer that something is a whole lot better than nothing. ​

You can learn more about HOVR or even purchase your own by clicking here. 

I highly recommend this if you are stuck sitting behind a desk or if you have a leg injury, you’ve got a way to get some exercise in without full weight baring. 

If you have any questions about HOVR let me know and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability. ​

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