Confession Time Day 29/365

Okay, here it is confession time. Last week and a half I’ve really fallen off the wagon. I was away from home traveling. I had good moments and also horrendous moments when it came to making good food choices and being active. 

A 12 hour car ride can definitely put an impact on the ability to be active. I mean dancing in my seat I don’t think really counts. As for eating while being in the car for 12 hours fast food and convienance stores don’t always offer the best food choices. I did my best by getting fruit and cheese cups or veggie trays, but you can only live off that for so long. I of course save myself with the whole beverage thing as I only drink water. So, no wasted calories, unwanted sugar, or other garbage there. 

When we reached Jacksonville and visited with family I stuck with healthy options at the restaurants. Or the healthiest options that they offered. 

As for activity I did do some fun things that got me out and moving. I posted about one of those activities earlier. I visited the Catty Shack Sanctuary. I got to wander the grounds and see all the big cats and also watched the nighttime feeding. 

Here’s a glimpse of one of the tigers in case you missed that post. 

And, well then I spent 4 days on a cruise. Yes, a cruise. It was an impromptu vacation. It was great. However, food and drinks were consumed and not in small increments. However, there was a lot of wandering the ship and the ports we visited. 

We wandered all over Nassau, Bahamas. 

Queen’s Staircase

Fort Fincastle

View from the top of the Fort

The Government House

Greycliffe Hotel

The Pirate Museum

Bahamian Kitchen – Grouper

Bahamian Kitchen – Conch Everything

We also went to Freeport where I had one of the best days of my life. I got to swim with Dolphins!!!!

So yes I got some swimming and walking and even stair climbing in while on vacation definitely not as much exercise as I should be getting in but I did some. Now I’m back and it’s time to really step it up. 

Have a great Sunday evening. 

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