Making A Difference 28 out of 365

I’ve been working with this amazing organization for the last 9 months, and tonight I had the opportunity to take part again. 

Roc Solid Foundation is an organization that works with pediatric cancer patients. There are several layers that the Foundation takes part in. The big ones are Ready Bags, which are bags loaded with items that a family will need when their child is first diagnosed with cancer. The bag is filled with toiletries, a tablet, rolls of quarters, a blanket, just to name a few of the items found in the bag. 

For children 8 and under, a swing set is built for the child, and children age 8-18 get a room remodel. 

Volunteers come together to complete these builds while the family has a fun day. A limo shows up at their house, and whisks them off for breakfast and an activity, such as Build A Bear, arcades, fun houses, or the children’s museum to name a few things that have been experienced by the children and their families. 

It’s amazing to be able to give back, and I feel amazing after each and every build I go on, and every time I volunteer with them. 

We usually don’t do builds this early in the year, but this one came up and all that were available to make it happen came together to put together the swing set. 

All of the different sections of the swing set were assembled and loaded into the trailer to be taken to the site tomorrow where the sections of the swing set will be put all together. We usually do all of the building at the site, however it’s cold and this was a last minute build so our volunteer availability was not quite as high as it normally is. But, hey we got to test out a build in our new warehouse space. And, well it rocked and we rocked out this build. 

I won’t be at the site as I had already promised a friend with help moving so I did my part now. 

If you’d like to learn more about Roc Solid you can learn all about it here. If you can please consider making a donation. Every child deserves to have the chance to be a child and play and that’s what we do. Bringing hope through the power of play. 

Love working with this organization, giving back, making a difference, and even getting some activity in while feeling very grateful that I can be a part of this.  

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