Bring On The Weekend 34/365

Oh thank you. I’ve survived this week and the last 2 days. You know your like is crazy when you’ve reached your Move goal on your Apple Watch by 8am. 

4 dogs and a toddler make for some serious activity. I’m exhausted and only wish I could sleep in tomorrow. However, that’s not an option. Tomorrow I have a meeting bright and early followed by another meeting and then it’s home to clean the disaster that I’m currently calling my home. 

My house looks like a bomb hit it. And, well I guess one kind of did. Toddler+4dogs+husband=BOMB

So tomorrow will be another busy day and well Sunday isn’t going to be any less busy as we are hosting a Super Bowl Party. It’ll be fun but I’ll be prepping food and getting the house ready for all our guests. 

Oh and then we are right back to Monday and a crazy work filled week along with a 2 year old. Oh man. I’ll be exhausted once again. 

I still need to sit down and come up with my goals for this month and I need to bust them out as I started out strong for January but quickly fizzled. I definitely don’t want a repeat. 

Happy weekend to you and hopefully it’s restful and enjoyable for you. 

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