Brrr It’s Cold 35/365

Another busy crazy day and it’s not over yet. 

Seriously, I need a day to sleep unfortunately I’m not sure when that will happen. Oh and did I mention Not only am I way behind on my sleep I’m now getting sick. Ughhhh!!!! I have had a sore throats all day and some post nasal drip going on. This is only going to get worse if I don’t start getting some serious rest in. And, well I don’t have time to be sick clearly. 

Oh, and let’s add in the fact that it’s pretty darn chilly out. And, for whatever reason I can’t seem to get warm. I’m sure that also has to do with the cold I’m clearly starting to develop. 

On a plus side I’ve found my new favorite weather app. It’s called WTF Forecast. Have you heard about it? It’s absolutely hilarious and puts some humor in the weather. When you wake up to crappy weather it’s kind of fun to have the weather report let you know just how crappy. 

Now to get this house ready for tomorrow night’s Super Bowl Party. 

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