Something Yummy & Nails 39/365

Tonight’s dinner was actually something I had pulled out of the freezer. Jambalaya. I had made a huge pot of jambalaya about 2 months ago and put a ton of it in the freezer. 

Tonight the husband and I enjoyed it for dinner. It was amazing, had a bit more heat than it originally had as what generally happens. I really should probably start following the recipe when it calls for the hot stuff. When it comes to spices and seasonings I just throw in however much I fell like. Which can sometimes backfire when it comes to the spicer spices. Good thing I like spicy food. 

It was really good and my husband didn’t even know that he was eating cauliflower rice in the jambalaya. He did pick the shrimp out although if I hadn’t told him they were in the dish he wouldn’t of even known as they didn’t taste “shrimpy” at all. But, hey whatever more for me. 

Chicken, hot turkey sausage, shrimp, okra, cauliflower rice, peppers, celery, and tomatoes all come together to create something amazing!!!

I’ve talked about Fed and Fit before and I’ll say it again, get the book it’s amazing!!! 

Today was spent with one of my favorite 2 year olds and tonight I did my nails. Did a Valentine’s mani. Hearts of course. Oh did I mention the mani I did even glows in the dark. 

Yeah they are pretty cool. 

Eating clean and doing something nice for myself. Getting back on track slowly but getting there. 

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