Air & Space 40/365

Today I put in some steps exploring an Air & Space Museum. It was pretty awesome. All of the exhibits were hands on so you could either go in them or play with them, see how things work and move. 

It’s great for children as they have tons of exhibits just for children, and I won’t lie I enjoyed them just as much if not more than the 2 year old. 

I probably could of spent all day at the paper airplane exhibit. Hello, building different types of paper airplanes and flying them in different conditions. I may or may not have made about 10 airplanes. In my defense I was making them for the 2 year old, well that’s the story I’m sticking with anyway. 

We flew space crafts, a 737, and a bomber. I’m pretty sure pilot is not going on my jobs I should have. I think the 2 year old did better than I did. 

We had a blast building rockets out of big foam blocks and then knocking them down. After that there was some serious lego  block building and model plane building. 

I will definitely have to make another visit to this museum. 

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