Got A Delivery 41/365

It was like Christmas at my house today. UPS showed up with my Amazon Prime order!!!! 

I finally ordered the Whole 30 Cookbook. I’ve been debating getting it since it came out and have been going back and forth over it. The other day I finally did it, and ordered it. Glad I did I thumbed through it as soon as it arrived and already found several recipes that I need/want to try. 

I’ve read all of the Whole 30 books and own them all, so I needed to get this to complete my collection. Oh and not to mention that I love all of the recipes that I’ve tried from Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. As soon as I try something from this book I’ll let you know how it went. 

Along with this cookbook I also got The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse. I’m excited to read this book and try out the recipes. I’ve found that carbs and I really aren’t on the best of terms as much as I’d like to be. I need to face the facts as much as I don’t want to. Carbs and my body equals lots of fat and weight gain. 

I’m not sure if I’ll do the whole cleanse thing or not but I’m definitely going to read this and learn what it’s all about and the best way to continue on with Whole clean eating and limiting the carbs I consume. Definitely, sticking to the complex unprocessed and refined carbs. 

I’ll be definitely sharing what I learn and any recipes I make out of this book as well. And, who knows maybe I’ll be living the ketogenic lifestyle at some point. 

Anyone out there follow a ketogenic diet if so I’d love to hear about it and what you’ve gotten out of it. 

I’m pretty stocked as I’ll be having fun in the kitchen trying out some new recipes. 

Here’s to the weekend. 

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