Making A Difference 42 Days in of 365

This morning I spent some time with a group of some amazing people. 

I attended Roc Solid Foundation’s State of the Foundation. I got to listen to some amazing leaders in the Foundation about why they do what they do and how Roc Solid has impacted their lives. 

I’m beyond humbled to be a part of this amazing foundation and have the opportunity to work with them. After listening everyone this morning I’m so excited and ready to start the build year and spread hope. 

I think part of my journey is not just about becoming healthier it’s also about becoming a better person. I am capable of giving back and making an impact on people’s lives and I’m taking it. Giving back and encouraging others to do the same is just one thing I can do to be a better person. 

You can learn all about Roc Solid by visiting their website and if you’re able to volunteer or donate please do so. No child  and family should suffer from cancer, bringing hope to them one play it forward build at a time. 

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