It Should Be Cardio, Brunch, & Wings 43/365

Today was amazing. It was 80 and sunny today. So beautiful out. I attended a Galentine’s Brunch with my Brunch Club. The restaurant we went to today gave us a welcome card, a carnation, and a specialty cocktail. 

We sat outside on the patio as it was beautiful out and very enjoyable on a February Sunday morning. I enjoyed the specialty cocktail it was a rosè with raspberries, oh my goodness it was delicious. 

Along with the specialty cocktail I had a west coast omelette. The omlette had spinach, avocado, Munster cheese, and pico. It was amazing. 

For dinner tonight I made a plate of wings. Thank you air fryer and Pinterest. I had found a paleo sirracha honey lime wing recipe that I had made for Super Bowl and well it’s super easy and was so good I made them tonight. 

I shared these with the husband. I love recipes that are easy to make and when it tastes amazing it’s even better. 

Now let’s talk my cardio, it wasn’t really cardio but I was sweating afterwards. Installing car seats it’s seriously a workout. For the last 2 weeks I’ve had a 2 year old so car seat is necessary. Saturday we went out with friends and I drove so we needed to take the car seat out to make room for everyone. So this of course means we have to put it back in. Ughhh! I definitely think that if/when I have children I will be having the click in car seats as opposed to this latch where I have to pull on the strap. Yeah, I’m not driving next time. Just so I can avoid the removal and re-installing of the car seat. 

Hope you’ve had a great weekend. 

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