A Beautiful Day 50/365

It was another beautiful day here. 70’s with the sun shining. 

A group of my girlfriends and I decided to enjoy the day and head out to brunch. Unfortunately, a lot of other people had the same idea. Our original destination was crazy busy. I mean when they have a field as a parking lot and it’s packed that’s a sign. The next sign is when you ask how long the wait is and they tell you 2.5-3 hours. WHAT!!!! And, you look around at the 100+ people waiting for their tables you know the place is good. 

I’ve heard great things about this brunch spot and I’m guessing they are true. However, we were not waiting 3 hours for a table. We luckily had a backup plan. 

We ended up going to another great brunch spot and only waiting about 45 minutes. The food was excellent as always, but the real gem of the meal was the mimosa flights. I had some amazing mimosas with brunch this morning. 4 different mimosas to sample all for $10. Yeah, I think we will have to go back. 

No those are not all mine. But I can say that the 4 flavors I chose were amazing. 

  1. Forbidden fruit
  2. Mango
  3. Peach Pear Apricot
  4. Watermelon Limeaide

It was a tie between #3&#4 they were both amazing. And there were so many other flavors to choose from. 

My meal was a caprese omelette, tomato, basil, & mozzarella made with egg whites. It was delicious. And, enough to fill me up for the day. 

And, tomorrow starts clean eating and operation clean this disaster I call a house. 

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. 

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