Ulla: What Is That Day 51 out of this current 365 day cycle

So water. It’s important that we drink it, in fact we are supposed to drink half our body weight in water. Well holy moly that’s a lot of water for me as I’m not light little feather. 

Drinking water isn’t hard for me I in fact love water and drink it all of the time. My problem is I forget to drink. I get busy doing work and the like and then find myself getting a headache as I’m definitely dehydrated. 

One day I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and there was one of those pesky adds that they now litter your newsfeed with, however this one caught my eye. Now, I’ve seen the smart water bottles that track your water intake, link to your fitness tracker, and sync with your phone. The only problem with these is I’m terrified of getting the bottle wet or dropping it as I’m not sure how the tech parts of the bottle will hold up to that. Plus it’s a bit pricey and my luck I’ll forget it somewhere, and if I don’t do that I’ll most definitely forget to charge it at some point. So, anyway the add I saw was not for a smart bottle but for this little device called Ulla. 

Ulla, doesn’t track your water intake it reminds you to drink continuously throughout the day. If you haven’t taken a drink in 30-40 minutes your Ulla will flash getting your attention reminding you to drink. The flashing definitely gets your attention. Once you take a drink it stops blinking and resets. I love this idea as I’m now drinking throughout the day as opposed to being like oh I’m thirsty and downing a big glass or bottle of water all at once. 

Today was the first day I’ve used my Ulla but I can tell you I’ve drank more today than I have in weeks and it’s because of the simple reminder I get. 

The Ulla doesn’t need to be charged as it uses a replaceable battery, is reasonably priced, and can be put on any bottle or cup or drinking vessel of your choice. Which is another perk to me over a smart bottle as I can use it with whatever I’m drinking out of I’m not limited to one specific bottle. 

Ulla comes in an array of colors

Ulla on my Life Factory water bottle


So far I’m loving this little device. I’m thinking about buying another one. I’ll wait and see how I feel about this little device at the end of the week and make a decision. You can find more about Ulla and even get your own if you want by clicking here.

Any devices/tools you love that are helping you to be a healthier you?

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