Oh Wednesday Hump Day & National Margarita Day 53/365

Ahhhhh Wednesday you never cease to be a busy filled day. It’s the middle of the week we are all feeling the grind and realize we’ve made it to the half way point of the week. It’s all downhill from here to say. 

It’s almost like the universe knows it’s Wednesday AKA Hump Day. As the universe likes to throw lots of crap at me on Wednesdays. 

Started the day off with a work meeting and then catching up on stuff at the office as I haven’t been in the office in a month. It was good to get back in but man the stuff that’s gone on. Seriously, miss a day miss a lot apparently. 

On the drive home from the office I had to hit the brakes quick and my bag went flying off the seat and well my water bottle busted open getting my laptop, iPad, book, and notebook soaked. Great!!! Luckily the laptop and iPad were in cases so no damage was done to them. However, the same can’t be said for my book and notebook. Ughhhh!!!! 

The book I was able to peal the pages apart and finish reading, but I have to replace it as it’s destroyed. Thank you Amazon. My notebook was trash as well. I had to go through and transfer all of the notes to a new notebook. Luckily it was a new notebook and only had about 5 pages worth of info I needed to transfer. 

Yup, thanks universe because I didn’t have enough to do already. I got it done though and everything else that needed to be done today. 

Today is also National Margarita Day!!!! Whoooo!!!! And, also one of the last days a friend will be in town, oh and did I mention Restaurant Week here. So, what better thing to do then head out to a great new restaurant offering a great special for the week. 

$20 3 course meal with a drink. Uhmmmm yes please!!!

All I have to say is the portions were amazing and the company was awesome as always. I have some great friends and lots of laughs were had tonight. 

A margarita that was delicious, some guacamole, 3 tacos, and cinnamon ice cream. So good. It’s one of my favorite restaurants and when they run a special like that how can you not take advantage of it. 

Now it’s off to get some rest since tomorrow is shaping up to be a busy day too. And, I’m making one of my favorite dishes for an early dinner before heading off to my leadership class. 

Happy Hump Day. 

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