Why Do You Hate Me & This Will Make You Laugh 56/365

There is nothing worse than enjoying a beautiful, sunny, 80 degree day in February with friends sitting out on the deck on the water of one of your favorite restaurants to have it all go downhill. 

As I mentioned the weather was amazing today. I blew off all of the stuff that needed to be done at home to enjoy the nice ocean breeze, sunshine, and spending some time with friends. We spent a couple hours eating and having some fun conversations. 

After we went our separate ways I headed home to do some of those chores I put off doing to enjoy the great day. Within 20 minutes of being home I got a horrible pain in my back, side, and it wrapped around to the front. Great!!! I knew exactly what this was. A kidney stone. Wonderful. Not at all what I want to be dealing with. I had one almost 6 months ago on the opposite side that landed me I the ER. As my husband is not home and I really didn’t want to be sitting in the ER, I’ve been dealing with it at home. Ughhhh I’m hoping it passes by tomorrow as I have several events tomorrow that I’m supposed to be taking part in. 

I’ll be calling my doctor to talk to him about what we can do to avoid these from occurring because they suck. And, really I don’t have time for this nonsense. 

However, I did see this and nearly peed my pants as I was laughing so hard. And, well laughter really is a great medicine. Holy Funniness seriously check it out you’ll be laughing quickly and if not I don’t know what to say. 

Happy Saturday. 

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