Belly Dancing 57/365

So before we even begin let me start by saying, I was not the one belly dancing. Although, I have done belly dancing classes, and I will say they are fun and oh my did my core burn afterwards. But, I also had my belly well covered there was no belly baring for me during belly dancing class. 

Anyway, moving on. My friend has a magazine he publishes about food in the area, and I’ve written some articles for him, I currently have one in the magazine that is hot off the presses. 

He does a big Release Party for the magazine every time and tonight was this issue’s Release Party night. He always has food demos, and talks , and some form of entertainment. Oh and they are held at some pretty amazing places. 

Tonight’s party was held at a pretty cool place that does farm to table food. So the menu is pretty limited which is hard when you can only eat certain things. Anyway, the food demos were pretty awesome again I couldn’t eat them but everyone who could loved them. Coffee rubbed smoked brisket sliders was one demo and the other bacon chocolate truffles. Yes, you heard right. 

The demos were followed up by the entertainment portion of the evening belly dancing. Well all I have to say is I’ve added a new goal to be as confident in my body as these ladies are. ​

Adding to my goals and making it happen. 

Hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend. 

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