Pretty Proud 90/365

First let’s talk about the fact that we’ve already flown through 90 days of 2017. I find that just crazy. It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating New Years. 

And, so now let’s get to this. I received this update today

What!!!!! 30 straight days hitting my move goal. I’ve been getting my move on for the last 30 days and I love it. My goal is to get my stand goal hit every day for 30 days along with continuing on with hitting my move goal every day. 

Even though I’ve been off this week I’m still getting my movement in and making an effort. 

I need to get myself back to eating good healthy meals. Being on the road screwed up my momentum I had going. I need to get my butt in gear and back on track. 

Still hitting goals even if I’m not trying as hard as I should be. Here’s to getting back on track and pushing to hit my goals. 

Happy weekend 

Go Away, You’re Crazy 89/365

  • Ummmm so yeah that’s pretty gross
  • My car is not green/yellow
  • My car is in fact black
  • Maybe this explains why my ear has been clogged for over a week now
  • And, the headache
  • Go away pollen you are gross

I’m hoping for rain tomorrow so that 

  1. I won’t have to wash my car 
  2. It will settle the pollen down a bit 
  3. I’ll be able to breathe
  4. And, oh yeah maybe the ear will unclog finally

Anyone else suffering from the spring time allergies onslaught of pollen?

Hitting Goals 87/365

Even though I’m at a conference for work I am still hitting and meeting my move goals. Well the move and stand goal anyway. 

My workout goal of 30 minutes hasn’t been happening as its a bit difficult to fit a workout in this environment but I’m climbing lots of stairs and walking all over the place so that’s good. 

I need to get back on track once I get home tomorrow night. 

Have a great day. 

Work Trip 85/365

I spent he day driving to Charleston, SC for a work conference. 

A day spent in the car doesn’t lead to a whole ton of activity, however I did manage to be up and moving for at least a few minutes for 12 hours and met my move goal as well. 

In fact I met my move goal everyday this week. 

So, yeah walking around and moving around every chance I get is definitely working. Although, my ankle is not happy with me right now. It’s pretty swelled up. So back to a compression sock and good shoe tomorrow. 

I’m excited about this conference and learning all sorts of new stuff. 

Of course being on the road makes eating a bit more difficult, but I can do it. 

Hope your weekend has been amazing. 

Whoooo 83/365

So this week has been busy and it’s going to continue to be busy into next week. 

With how busy things have been and having to be into work by 7:15 and dealing with traffic means I was leaving the house by 6:30. With this it meant early morning workouts. However by 6:30 every morning this week I had reached 2 out of my 3 exercise goals for the day. So, there is one nice thing about getting up early. 

I can’t even tell you how great it feels to get this notification every day. 

I’m not going to lie and say that I’m going to get up early every morning but I’m definitely making an effort to do so and getting the workout in first thing is definitely key for me. I have no excuses at 5:30 in the morning for why I can’t workout. 

Tomorrow I’m not going to workout as I need to be out of the house by 5am and won’t be home until near midnight. So yeah, skipping the workout, but I will be building a swing set, followed by the circus, and finishing up with kickball. So I’ll be getting lots of exercise in. 

Here’s to the weekend hope you’re spending it having fun and with friends. 

Orange Theory 82/365

I signed up for Orange Theory Fitness but have to wait until June when the new studio opens. 

I’ve been working out 6 days a week though and getting myself used to moving and working out. Of course it’s nothing compared to what an Orange Theory workout will be like. I think I’ll be starting up T25 again after I finish the current round of Country Heat I’m on. 

Currently I’m battling some struggles and obstacles, but I’ll overcome it. No limits and no excuses. 
I just need to keep pushing through and take it one day at a time. 

A Little TMI, But It’s True 81/365

Today, I’ve been craving crap. You know what I mean anything with salt, crunchy, sugar, greasy, yeah any of those foods were high on my list of things I want to stuff my face with. 

The entire drive home from work I was thinking about getting pizza or Chinese or Mexican at one point I’m pretty sure I was contemplating having it all. 

Add in the craving for sweet stuff, chocolate, or since it’s that time of the year Starburst Jelly Beans. 

I came home and said, NO! You will not be ordering out for dinner there is no need. So I ate my healthy dinner of leftovers, Mexican Meatloaf and cauliflower mash. Of course after I finished eating I was still wanting that something sweet. 

I went to the store, parked as far as possible , and went in and bought my Jelly Beans. I haven’t opened them yet as after I got home I did some laundry and then my nails. So that killed some time and distracted me. So now I’m thinking do I eat a few Jelly Beans or just say NO!

Of course with this insatiable craving for all things crap I figured it was getting close to my monthly visitor and sure enough. 

So, that explains a lot, now I’m just trying to decide if eating a handful of jelly beans would curb the craving and then I can continue on and not have a huge binge if the craving gets to out of hand. 

I’ve been doing really well and haven’t had sugar well processed anyway, there is sugar in the fruit I eat in the morning but no actual processed sugar/unnatural, in 2.5 weeks.  I just don’t want to cave and gorge myself on some form of chocolate or other sugar, so I may have just a taste and move on. 

This is all a process and every day is a new day on the journey. So, we shall see what I decide to do but I already succeeded by not ordering all of the unhealthy food I wanted to for dinner. So, that’s improvement and a win there. 

Well today I’m over the hump and I have jammed pack 7 more days coming up before I can take a bit of a break. Ahhhhh the life of a busy person. 

See you tomorrow. 

PaleOMG Is So Right 80 days down of the 365

Yesterday before heading off to kickball I made a Buffalo Chicken Casserole from Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook. I’ve made a Buffalo Chicken Casserole from Cassy Joy Garcia’s Fed & Fit book and absolutely loved, everyone in the house loved it as there were no leftovers. 

I decided to give this recipe from Juli Bauer or better known as PaleOMG. And, well it was delicious and again no real leftovers. I can honestly say I can’t decide which one I like better. I love that I love them both as I can change it up depending on what I fell like. 

And, well all I have to say her name for her blog is so perfect. PaleOMG is perfect because as soon as I put the first bite in my mouth I was going OMG!!! This stuff is amazing and so easy to make. 

Today, I decided since I’ve been using the Fed & Fit book a lot I’d try another recipe from Juli Bauer. I mean I’ve made nearly every recipe from Fed & Fit which is awesome but sad because I’m running out of new recipes to try, but of course every recipe I have made is one I will be making again. I’m thinking the same is going to be true for this cookbook as well. 

Anyway I went with the Mexican Meatloaf, the recipe calls for ground beef and chiorzo but since I eat neither of those I made mine with ground turkey and turkey sausage. And, again it was a total OMG moment from first bite till last bite. I had to control myself from going back for more. I paired it with some mashed cauliflower and well it was another great meal. 

Yeah, I’m going to be buying another one of her books I’m sure. Because, let’s face it I’m already 2 for 2 with amazing recipes. I’ll be trying one more recipe from this book this week and well I’m sure it’s going to be just amazing as these 2 were. I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve made and tried it. 
I love cooking and trying new recipes. Since I started the Fed & Fit project I haven’t repeated a recipe yet, I’ve been trying all new things. Love love it not getting bored with food here and eating clean and healthy. Can’t wait to try out more new recipes. 

Happy Tuesday all!!!

It’s Getting Closer 79/365

Monday nights in the Spring and Fall are dedicated to a little game played with a big red ball. Yeah that’s right, I’m talking kickball. 

Yes, the same game you played in elementary school is now played by tons of adults. 

I am the team captain of a merry band of Misfits, hence our name The Misfits. We, could care less about winning, we won one game last season and the teams response was, “We ruined our perfect record” 90% of my team may physically be on the field, but mentally they are already at the bar. We are team that’s there for laughs, social time, hanging out with fun people, and maybe partaking in a few beverages. 

This season we are aiming to be the most obnoxious team out there. We are tie-dyeing our shirts, are creating a team banner, have ridiculous sunglasses, and are talking of wearing face paint to the games. Can you tell that we do not take the game seriously at all. But, have fun we do. We have get together even during the off season having parties and what not. We like each other on and off the field. 

Today, marked the official start of get ramped up because kickball will be starting soon. We had an open play/practice where anyone could come out and check the game out and learn about it. I was doing a scouting report on my players and I found some things out about my players. Figured out some positions for my returning players and some positions for new players. And, also discovered there kicking styles and Holy Cannoli Batman we’ve picked up some serious speed this season. Whoooo!!! We may even win more than one game this season not that we care about that. 

It was a fun night with some of my teammates. Afterwards, we headed not to our sponsor bar, because well we feel the place sucks but to another bar. Well to our wonder it’s Happy Hour always there and Monday night has a wing special and a shrimp special. Whoooooppppp!!!! Yeah, we will be seeing you again. 

I’m excited to get this season started and see just what our team can do.