Fed & Fit Project 65/365

I’m pretty stoked about today. Today started my 28 day journey with the Fed & Fit Project. 

The Fed & Fit Project is from Cassy Joy and stems from her book. There is an online forum complete with coaching calls throughout. After the initial 28 days it will be time to move on the creating my perfect plan. 

Today I got up a bit later than planned but I needed some extra sleep after this past weekend and since one of the pillars is sleep I am okay with sleeping in. 

Breakfast consisted of a protein shake, followed up by a very filling lunch of tuna over a bed of mixed greens, and an amazing dinner of shrimp scampi made with spaghetti squash and served with a salad. 

I put in a 25 minute exercise session. I tried out Country Heat today. I focused on learning the steps so it wasn’t a big cardio workout by any means but I was up and moving for 25 minutes. 

I know tomorrow’s goal will be to work on my water intake as it isn’t anywhere near where I should be. 

However, I can tell you that this seltzer is amazing 

And, they are now putting fun sayings on the sides of the bottle. 

Day 1 I’m going to put down as a success. 

Tomorrow I’m going to need to do some planning as I will be working all day. So I need to decide what my lunch is going to be and make sure to get it packed to take with me. 

As, I didn’t get to meal plan/prep or grocery shop this weekend I pulled a couple of things out of the freezer. One great thing about the Fed & Fit recipes they make tons. So, I may take something I pulled out of the freezer for lunch. 

I’ll be looking at recipes to make for next week and getting into the meal planning and prepping. I’m actually pretty excited about trying some new recipes. 

My alarm is set so I can get up and get some exercise in tomorrow before heading off to work. 

I’ve got these 28 days I’m going to crush this project. 

Happy Monday all. 

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