Orange Theory, Kebabs To Go, & Meals From The Freezer 67/365

Today has been a bit crazy. I’ve been going since 7 this morning. I dropped off a friend at the airport first thing this morning then headed into the office for a meeting followed by a Lunch & Learn. 

And, this is what I was tempted with all during the Lunch & Learn. All I have to say is Not. Today.

After work meetings were finished up I headed up to the new location for Orange Theory Fitness to sign up as one of their founding members. The facility won’t open until June but I’m still pretty excited about it. I actually can’t wait for it to open I’m so ready. I of course will probably die while doing it and hate every minute of it while I’m doing it but it’ll be completely worth it.

Ready to be an Orange Theory Fanatic

After signing up and getting pumped for Orange Theory I came home changed and headed over to the non-profit I work with warehouse to load up the trailer for the build we will be doing this weekend. Also, I hung around as a friend of mine has decided to volunteer with them as well and they had a volunteer orientation tonight. And, she was able to answer a trivia question correctly to win a prize. Whooooo!!!

I had gone to the grocery store at some point today I can’t even really remember when, but I was looking for something portable to eat for dinner tonight as I was going to be out until late. I found these chicken kebabs. 

They were actually really good. 23g of protein and 4g of fat, with 150 calories. I ate it as a snack/part of my dinner on the way home. I think I’ll be looking into getting more of these as there were several different options. 

And, all I have to say is I love that pretty much anything I make has leftovers for the freezer. And, this week is one of those weeks that I’m extremely thankful for freezer meals. As I was gone all weekend and didn’t meal plan/prep or grocery shop. Tonight’s dinner was Paleo Stuffed Cabbage from the Paleo Yiddish Cookbook.

You can grab it on Amazon, that’s what I did. 

And, so this isn’t really stuffed cabbage/rolls I made this more as a lasagna since the leaves were to small or ripped to make good rolls with. And, hey it was quicker and easier to make this way. Oh and still tastes phenomenal. 

I even got a workout in today which I was a little worried about. But, I was able to get 25 minutes of activity in. No it wasn’t the 30 minutes but 25 is 25 times better than no activity. 

Not a super long or hard workout but it was something. 3 straight days of being active, even when I was worried about finding the time to get it done. 

Today, was a day full of successes. I didn’t dig into the potato chips that were sitting right next to me, I signed up for a new gym, I got a workout in, found a new snack or part of a meal for on the go, had a great dinner, and continue to get my water intake closer to where it should be. 

Bring on tomorrow I’m ready for it.