Superhero Day 69/365

Today a community came together to celebrate the life of a true life SuperHero. In his 3 years on this Earth Louie, has touched and impacted more people than I could ever hope to in 10 lifetimes. 

Louie took on the battle with pediatric cancer just like he approached life with light, integrity, strength, and bravery. As he was dealt a hand that no one should have to play, yet alone a child, he accepted it and fought hard. Louie took on cancer with a grace and strength that most adults couldn’t muster even on their best day. 

As I sit here with my questions of why, and how I also know that Louie is having a great time flying high and shooting webs, you know catching thieves just like flies. 

I can only hope to live my life with a tenth of the light, integrity, strength, and bravery that Louie possessed in his short time. And, Louie may not physically be here anymore, but he’s definitely all around, and I’m sure all that Louie and his story has touched, can feel him around them. 

And, in true superhero fashion when you’re a superhero you get a superhero Honor Guard. 

Thank you Louie for showing me how to approach life and all it may throw at me. Fly high!

Cancer sucks and it takes the lives of way too many. We are more than 4. Did you know that pediatric cancer only gets 4% of funding, yet 16,000 families a year are effected. It’s time to make a change. I hope all of you that have seen this take a moment to stand up and have your voice heard, We are more than 4. 

If you have the opportunity to support pediatric cancer in some way I hope you seize that opportunity.

Want to learn more about pediatric cancer you can go herehere, or even here just to start. 

Want to join the fight you can support some amazing organizations RocSolidSt Jude’s, and St Baldricks to name a few.