I Had A Good Day 73/365

Today has been a great day even if it’s cold and damp, at least I’m not getting dumped on like they are further North. 

I got up this morning and did my workout, which was great and oh my legs were feeling it. Add in that after finishing my workout I headed to physical therapy where I continued to work the legs. Yeah I’m going to be feeling that in the morning. 

I will say that my ankle is feeling a bit blah today, but I’m hoping it’s just due to the weather and not because I’ve started working out again. I’ve been doing all low impact modifications for the workouts even though at times I want to do the original workout. But, I know I need to take it slow or I will definitely set myself back and not be able to workout at all. Slow and steady I need to work up to going full out. So fingers crossed it’s just because of the weather. 

After physical therapy I came home to take care of a ton of things that I’ve been neglecting. I put a ton of laundry away did some laundry, which reminds me I have a load of laundry in the dryer I need to take care of. Ughhhh laundry the chore that is never truly done. 

I made all the calls I needed to make with insurance companies and our cell phone carrier. 

I cooked a whole chicken which I then shredded and gave a treat to the dogs as they got lots of chicken skin and fat. I have a deliciously smelling dinner cooking in the oven and I’m pretty excited to give it a try. 

This is originally what I was going to make, but I won’t lie I was lazy, and didn’t feel like hollowing out my zucchini. So yeah I cut it into slices instead then topped with the shredded taco chicken. Sometimes you just need to make it as easy as possible. 

This is what mine looks like instead. And, I’m sure it tastes just as amazing as if I had made a boat. 

Hope all of you that are in the path of this crazy winter storm Stella are staying safe and warm. Hope that you’re all crushing your goals. See you tomorrow.