I Count This As A Success 74/365

Today was a major success for me and it happened before 8am. This morning as the alarm went off, the dogs went nuts to be fed all I wanted to do was roll over and go back to sleep. I got up, Fed the dogs, and was on my way to crawl back into bed, but as soon as I got to my room I said, “NO!” I had a workout to do and yes I could do it later in the day, but then I would have all sorts of excuses as to not get my workout in. 

So, yes I wanted to crawl back into bed and sleep, but I didn’t I got up and did my workout. This is a HUGE success for me, as normally I’d just go back to sleep and if I did workout okay and if not oh well. So, yes today was a success and I’m proud of myself. 

This journey is a one day at a time type of journey heck some days it’s a minute by minute type of journey. I’m definitely on it right now and I want to continue with this momentum. 

I am so glad I decided to join the Fed & Fit Project as it’s really been holding me accountable and has given me lots of support. As this is a tough journey support is a must. 

I know I have some challenges coming up this weekend and in a week and a half I have a business trip coming up which means I’ll have to do some serious planning, which I’ve already started on. I’ll just have to take it moment by moment and do my best to stick with the project and make the best choices I can while being away from home and a kitchen. 

This is what I keep telling myself because I can do this. 

Here’s looking to another great day tomorrow.