Happy St Paddy’s Day, A Bump In The Road, But I’m Still Truckin 76/365

First of let me wish you all a very Happy St Paddy’s Day!!!!Today I had to be at work at 6:30 and well I’m far from a morning person, I loathe mornings. I had set my alarm so that I could get up and workout before heading to work. So, yeah that didn’t happen. I slept like garbage and woke up at 4 and decided to set the alarm for a half hour later than I was planning as I was just exhausted and figured the sleep was more important and I’d be done with work by 2 so I could workout then. 

I went to work and continued to be exhausted. So, I would of been better off just getting up and working out as I was exhausted at work and at least if I had worked out in the morning I could take a nap after work. Or, better yet if I had worked out I’d probably have had more energy or at the very least have been operating at a level slightly above zombie. 

After work I ran to the grocery store to do the grocery shopping for the upcoming week as this weekend I am completely crazy busy and adding in the weekend craziness of the grocery store just was something I didn’t want to do. I had 15 things to get and it was all along the perimeter of the store it shouldn’t take that long right? WRONG! Apparently, 3 o’clock on Friday’s is when everyone who has nothing to do but block the entire aisle at the grocery store are at the grocery store. It took forever, or at least it seemed that way. 

After finally making it out of the grocery store I was making excuses not to workout when I got home. Ughhhhh I did not want to workout. I was tired and aggravated about the grocery store. However, I came home, put the groceries away, and did my workout. I wasn’t into at first but by the end I was glad I did it. 

I’ve definitely learned that working out first thing is the way for me to go. It’s too easy for me to come up with excuses not too and also life happens. 

Tonight for dinner I made another recipe from the Fed & Fit book. Loaded Potatoes Supreme Pizza. I’ve been craving pizza the last couple of days so this was the perfect thing to make as it’s within the parameters of the project and it’s fulfilling the pizza craving I’ve been having. And, well like everything else in this book it was amazing and I’m looking forward to leftovers!!!

A Slight Bump 75/365

Today I did not charge out of bed like a Rhino. It was more along the lines of a complete sloth. Which kind of screwed with my whole day. 

When I finally dragged myself out of bed I did my workout, however I feel I could of pushed harder and done a better job with my workout. Looking back at it I feel I kind of half-assed it. 

I ended up just skipping breakfast and eating an earlier lunch than normal. Which, I need to remember to stop that nonsense as whenever I do that I end up starving and want to eat all of the food. 

I attended a work event at the Yard House and had an adult beverage and about 10 of their fries as I was starving and they were sitting in front of me. 

I came home and made myself a healthy dinner of peppers, onions, and chicken sausage and a bunch of fresh veggies. It was good and filled me up. 

I know that there are going to be bumps along this journey and today wasn’t necessarily a giant bump but I can learn from it. 

Tomorrow is going to be another challenging day as I have to be at work at 6:15 which means a nice and early wake up call for me so that I can get a workout in before going into work. I’m packing a lunch tonight so all I have to do is grab it and go tomorrow morning. I’ll be done with work around 1:30 but I plan on going to do the weakly grocery shopping tomorrow as I have a ton of stuff going on this weekend, and won’t have a ton of time to get it done. So workout before going to work and take a lunch so that I won’t to buy all the things when I go to the grocery store. 

I have a plan let’s hope I can follow through with it. 

On the plus side even with my sloth like start to the day and going slightly off scope of my eating plan I still managed to stay within my calorie goals for the day and reached all 3 of my activity goals. 

So today was still a bit of a success even with the slight mis-steps. One day at a time, and tomorrow is another day. Just need to keep pushing forward.