A Slight Bump 75/365

Today I did not charge out of bed like a Rhino. It was more along the lines of a complete sloth. Which kind of screwed with my whole day. 

When I finally dragged myself out of bed I did my workout, however I feel I could of pushed harder and done a better job with my workout. Looking back at it I feel I kind of half-assed it. 

I ended up just skipping breakfast and eating an earlier lunch than normal. Which, I need to remember to stop that nonsense as whenever I do that I end up starving and want to eat all of the food. 

I attended a work event at the Yard House and had an adult beverage and about 10 of their fries as I was starving and they were sitting in front of me. 

I came home and made myself a healthy dinner of peppers, onions, and chicken sausage and a bunch of fresh veggies. It was good and filled me up. 

I know that there are going to be bumps along this journey and today wasn’t necessarily a giant bump but I can learn from it. 

Tomorrow is going to be another challenging day as I have to be at work at 6:15 which means a nice and early wake up call for me so that I can get a workout in before going into work. I’m packing a lunch tonight so all I have to do is grab it and go tomorrow morning. I’ll be done with work around 1:30 but I plan on going to do the weakly grocery shopping tomorrow as I have a ton of stuff going on this weekend, and won’t have a ton of time to get it done. So workout before going to work and take a lunch so that I won’t to buy all the things when I go to the grocery store. 

I have a plan let’s hope I can follow through with it. 

On the plus side even with my sloth like start to the day and going slightly off scope of my eating plan I still managed to stay within my calorie goals for the day and reached all 3 of my activity goals. 

So today was still a bit of a success even with the slight mis-steps. One day at a time, and tomorrow is another day. Just need to keep pushing forward. 

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