It’s Getting Closer 79/365

Monday nights in the Spring and Fall are dedicated to a little game played with a big red ball. Yeah that’s right, I’m talking kickball. 

Yes, the same game you played in elementary school is now played by tons of adults. 

I am the team captain of a merry band of Misfits, hence our name The Misfits. We, could care less about winning, we won one game last season and the teams response was, “We ruined our perfect record” 90% of my team may physically be on the field, but mentally they are already at the bar. We are team that’s there for laughs, social time, hanging out with fun people, and maybe partaking in a few beverages. 

This season we are aiming to be the most obnoxious team out there. We are tie-dyeing our shirts, are creating a team banner, have ridiculous sunglasses, and are talking of wearing face paint to the games. Can you tell that we do not take the game seriously at all. But, have fun we do. We have get together even during the off season having parties and what not. We like each other on and off the field. 

Today, marked the official start of get ramped up because kickball will be starting soon. We had an open play/practice where anyone could come out and check the game out and learn about it. I was doing a scouting report on my players and I found some things out about my players. Figured out some positions for my returning players and some positions for new players. And, also discovered there kicking styles and Holy Cannoli Batman we’ve picked up some serious speed this season. Whoooo!!! We may even win more than one game this season not that we care about that. 

It was a fun night with some of my teammates. Afterwards, we headed not to our sponsor bar, because well we feel the place sucks but to another bar. Well to our wonder it’s Happy Hour always there and Monday night has a wing special and a shrimp special. Whoooooppppp!!!! Yeah, we will be seeing you again. 

I’m excited to get this season started and see just what our team can do. 

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