PaleOMG Is So Right 80 days down of the 365

Yesterday before heading off to kickball I made a Buffalo Chicken Casserole from Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook. I’ve made a Buffalo Chicken Casserole from Cassy Joy Garcia’s Fed & Fit book and absolutely loved, everyone in the house loved it as there were no leftovers. 

I decided to give this recipe from Juli Bauer or better known as PaleOMG. And, well it was delicious and again no real leftovers. I can honestly say I can’t decide which one I like better. I love that I love them both as I can change it up depending on what I fell like. 

And, well all I have to say her name for her blog is so perfect. PaleOMG is perfect because as soon as I put the first bite in my mouth I was going OMG!!! This stuff is amazing and so easy to make. 

Today, I decided since I’ve been using the Fed & Fit book a lot I’d try another recipe from Juli Bauer. I mean I’ve made nearly every recipe from Fed & Fit which is awesome but sad because I’m running out of new recipes to try, but of course every recipe I have made is one I will be making again. I’m thinking the same is going to be true for this cookbook as well. 

Anyway I went with the Mexican Meatloaf, the recipe calls for ground beef and chiorzo but since I eat neither of those I made mine with ground turkey and turkey sausage. And, again it was a total OMG moment from first bite till last bite. I had to control myself from going back for more. I paired it with some mashed cauliflower and well it was another great meal. 

Yeah, I’m going to be buying another one of her books I’m sure. Because, let’s face it I’m already 2 for 2 with amazing recipes. I’ll be trying one more recipe from this book this week and well I’m sure it’s going to be just amazing as these 2 were. I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve made and tried it. 
I love cooking and trying new recipes. Since I started the Fed & Fit project I haven’t repeated a recipe yet, I’ve been trying all new things. Love love it not getting bored with food here and eating clean and healthy. Can’t wait to try out more new recipes. 

Happy Tuesday all!!!

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