A Little TMI, But It’s True 81/365

Today, I’ve been craving crap. You know what I mean anything with salt, crunchy, sugar, greasy, yeah any of those foods were high on my list of things I want to stuff my face with. 

The entire drive home from work I was thinking about getting pizza or Chinese or Mexican at one point I’m pretty sure I was contemplating having it all. 

Add in the craving for sweet stuff, chocolate, or since it’s that time of the year Starburst Jelly Beans. 

I came home and said, NO! You will not be ordering out for dinner there is no need. So I ate my healthy dinner of leftovers, Mexican Meatloaf and cauliflower mash. Of course after I finished eating I was still wanting that something sweet. 

I went to the store, parked as far as possible , and went in and bought my Jelly Beans. I haven’t opened them yet as after I got home I did some laundry and then my nails. So that killed some time and distracted me. So now I’m thinking do I eat a few Jelly Beans or just say NO!

Of course with this insatiable craving for all things crap I figured it was getting close to my monthly visitor and sure enough. 

So, that explains a lot, now I’m just trying to decide if eating a handful of jelly beans would curb the craving and then I can continue on and not have a huge binge if the craving gets to out of hand. 

I’ve been doing really well and haven’t had sugar well processed anyway, there is sugar in the fruit I eat in the morning but no actual processed sugar/unnatural, in 2.5 weeks.  I just don’t want to cave and gorge myself on some form of chocolate or other sugar, so I may have just a taste and move on. 

This is all a process and every day is a new day on the journey. So, we shall see what I decide to do but I already succeeded by not ordering all of the unhealthy food I wanted to for dinner. So, that’s improvement and a win there. 

Well today I’m over the hump and I have jammed pack 7 more days coming up before I can take a bit of a break. Ahhhhh the life of a busy person. 

See you tomorrow. 

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