I Love Seeing This Too 78/365

It’s been a crazy long weekend here and I’m exhausted. 

However, I got this message todayAlong with this achievement 

Whoooo 7 for 7 which means I’ve been getting my butt up and moving even when I really haven’t wanted too. 

One day at a time and little improvements and changes that will last a lifetime. 

I’ve got this. 

A Busy Day, But I Like Seeing This 77/365

Today has been a busy day and tomorrow will be a long day. 

So this post is just a quick little update and hopefully tomorrow I’ll have time to let you know all about my weekend. 

I have the Apple Watch and love it. I really love seeing this pop up on my screenThe goals may be small but I’ve hit them and every week they grow. I’m a firm believer in setting realistic goals. It’s too easy to set unrealistic goals and when you can’t reach them you give up. So small obtainable goals have been what I’m setting for myself and when I reach them I set new ones. 

I also love when I get this notification early in the day it means I really am working on myself and getting more active. 

Growing and learning every day. 

Hope your weekend is amazing. 

Happy St Paddy’s Day, A Bump In The Road, But I’m Still Truckin 76/365

First of let me wish you all a very Happy St Paddy’s Day!!!!Today I had to be at work at 6:30 and well I’m far from a morning person, I loathe mornings. I had set my alarm so that I could get up and workout before heading to work. So, yeah that didn’t happen. I slept like garbage and woke up at 4 and decided to set the alarm for a half hour later than I was planning as I was just exhausted and figured the sleep was more important and I’d be done with work by 2 so I could workout then. 

I went to work and continued to be exhausted. So, I would of been better off just getting up and working out as I was exhausted at work and at least if I had worked out in the morning I could take a nap after work. Or, better yet if I had worked out I’d probably have had more energy or at the very least have been operating at a level slightly above zombie. 

After work I ran to the grocery store to do the grocery shopping for the upcoming week as this weekend I am completely crazy busy and adding in the weekend craziness of the grocery store just was something I didn’t want to do. I had 15 things to get and it was all along the perimeter of the store it shouldn’t take that long right? WRONG! Apparently, 3 o’clock on Friday’s is when everyone who has nothing to do but block the entire aisle at the grocery store are at the grocery store. It took forever, or at least it seemed that way. 

After finally making it out of the grocery store I was making excuses not to workout when I got home. Ughhhhh I did not want to workout. I was tired and aggravated about the grocery store. However, I came home, put the groceries away, and did my workout. I wasn’t into at first but by the end I was glad I did it. 

I’ve definitely learned that working out first thing is the way for me to go. It’s too easy for me to come up with excuses not too and also life happens. 

Tonight for dinner I made another recipe from the Fed & Fit book. Loaded Potatoes Supreme Pizza. I’ve been craving pizza the last couple of days so this was the perfect thing to make as it’s within the parameters of the project and it’s fulfilling the pizza craving I’ve been having. And, well like everything else in this book it was amazing and I’m looking forward to leftovers!!!

A Slight Bump 75/365

Today I did not charge out of bed like a Rhino. It was more along the lines of a complete sloth. Which kind of screwed with my whole day. 

When I finally dragged myself out of bed I did my workout, however I feel I could of pushed harder and done a better job with my workout. Looking back at it I feel I kind of half-assed it. 

I ended up just skipping breakfast and eating an earlier lunch than normal. Which, I need to remember to stop that nonsense as whenever I do that I end up starving and want to eat all of the food. 

I attended a work event at the Yard House and had an adult beverage and about 10 of their fries as I was starving and they were sitting in front of me. 

I came home and made myself a healthy dinner of peppers, onions, and chicken sausage and a bunch of fresh veggies. It was good and filled me up. 

I know that there are going to be bumps along this journey and today wasn’t necessarily a giant bump but I can learn from it. 

Tomorrow is going to be another challenging day as I have to be at work at 6:15 which means a nice and early wake up call for me so that I can get a workout in before going into work. I’m packing a lunch tonight so all I have to do is grab it and go tomorrow morning. I’ll be done with work around 1:30 but I plan on going to do the weakly grocery shopping tomorrow as I have a ton of stuff going on this weekend, and won’t have a ton of time to get it done. So workout before going to work and take a lunch so that I won’t to buy all the things when I go to the grocery store. 

I have a plan let’s hope I can follow through with it. 

On the plus side even with my sloth like start to the day and going slightly off scope of my eating plan I still managed to stay within my calorie goals for the day and reached all 3 of my activity goals. 

So today was still a bit of a success even with the slight mis-steps. One day at a time, and tomorrow is another day. Just need to keep pushing forward. 

I Count This As A Success 74/365

Today was a major success for me and it happened before 8am. This morning as the alarm went off, the dogs went nuts to be fed all I wanted to do was roll over and go back to sleep. I got up, Fed the dogs, and was on my way to crawl back into bed, but as soon as I got to my room I said, “NO!” I had a workout to do and yes I could do it later in the day, but then I would have all sorts of excuses as to not get my workout in. 

So, yes I wanted to crawl back into bed and sleep, but I didn’t I got up and did my workout. This is a HUGE success for me, as normally I’d just go back to sleep and if I did workout okay and if not oh well. So, yes today was a success and I’m proud of myself. 

This journey is a one day at a time type of journey heck some days it’s a minute by minute type of journey. I’m definitely on it right now and I want to continue with this momentum. 

I am so glad I decided to join the Fed & Fit Project as it’s really been holding me accountable and has given me lots of support. As this is a tough journey support is a must. 

I know I have some challenges coming up this weekend and in a week and a half I have a business trip coming up which means I’ll have to do some serious planning, which I’ve already started on. I’ll just have to take it moment by moment and do my best to stick with the project and make the best choices I can while being away from home and a kitchen. 

This is what I keep telling myself because I can do this. 

Here’s looking to another great day tomorrow. 

I Had A Good Day 73/365

Today has been a great day even if it’s cold and damp, at least I’m not getting dumped on like they are further North. 

I got up this morning and did my workout, which was great and oh my legs were feeling it. Add in that after finishing my workout I headed to physical therapy where I continued to work the legs. Yeah I’m going to be feeling that in the morning. 

I will say that my ankle is feeling a bit blah today, but I’m hoping it’s just due to the weather and not because I’ve started working out again. I’ve been doing all low impact modifications for the workouts even though at times I want to do the original workout. But, I know I need to take it slow or I will definitely set myself back and not be able to workout at all. Slow and steady I need to work up to going full out. So fingers crossed it’s just because of the weather. 

After physical therapy I came home to take care of a ton of things that I’ve been neglecting. I put a ton of laundry away did some laundry, which reminds me I have a load of laundry in the dryer I need to take care of. Ughhhh laundry the chore that is never truly done. 

I made all the calls I needed to make with insurance companies and our cell phone carrier. 

I cooked a whole chicken which I then shredded and gave a treat to the dogs as they got lots of chicken skin and fat. I have a deliciously smelling dinner cooking in the oven and I’m pretty excited to give it a try. 

This is originally what I was going to make, but I won’t lie I was lazy, and didn’t feel like hollowing out my zucchini. So yeah I cut it into slices instead then topped with the shredded taco chicken. Sometimes you just need to make it as easy as possible. 

This is what mine looks like instead. And, I’m sure it tastes just as amazing as if I had made a boat. 

Hope all of you that are in the path of this crazy winter storm Stella are staying safe and warm. Hope that you’re all crushing your goals. See you tomorrow. 

It’s Like Thanksgiving Dinner In One Pan 72/365

I told you yesterday I was going to make a casserole from one of my favorite cookbooks and make it I did. I have to tell you it came out amazingly delicious and I really need to go pack it up and get it in the freezer as I want to go back for seconds and thirds. 
This casserole took a bit longer to make then most of the other recipes I’ve tried, but completely worth it. The dish makes between 8-10 servings I’m going with 10 as it’s huge. So, BONUS I have leftovers and plenty for the freezer to eat as future meals. 
This is what it should look like when done, keep reading and you’ll see how mine came out. 

Boiling the sweet potatoes to make the sweet potato mash. Making the mash​

​Browning the sausage
The turkey, sausage, onion, celery, and cranberry layerAdding the sweet potato mashBrownihg the sunflower seedsAll ready for the ovenIts all done, fresh from the oven. What do you think?  How did I do?Yummm, get in my bellyThis is definitely another meal I will be making again. Although I won’t have to make it again for a while as I’m putting a bunch in the freezer for later. 

I’m always looking for good recipes to try so if you have any I’d love for you to share. 

Building Hope 71/365

Yesterday was a crazy looking long day, but so worth it. And, well of course today is a little bit of the same. 

I started the morning off early, and I mean early 4:30 early. I got up at 4:30 so that I could get my workout in, as I knew my day was jam packed. I had thought about sleeping in later and either just forgetting the workout or moving it today, but skipping workouts is a slippery slope for me and since I’m only a week in thought it’d be best just to get up and get it done. 

The reason I had to get up so early to squeeze in my workout was because I was working with RocSolid Foundation. We and our sponsor volunteers built a swing set for a little boy battling ALL Leukemia and his sibilings. The kids were really excited along with their parents and grandparents. 

Here’s just a glimpse of how the day goes.

 ​And, getting up at 4:30 on Saturday is beyond worth it when you get to bring a little hope and happiness to this family even if it is for this one moment it’s worth it. ​


I’m truly honored to be able to be a part of this great foundation and so thankful that I get to be a part of this. 

After we packed up our trailer and supplies we headed back to the warehouse for the kickoff party for a new year with an oyster roast. I planned accordingly and had packed a lunch for myself as I knew I wouldn’t be eating oysters. 

After spending some time with my RocSolid Family I headed home for a quick shower and change of clothes to head off to my friends going away Party as they are moving next week. 

We went to dinner at Afghanian restaurant, where I had a chicken kebab plate with out the rice. It was excellent. A free eating we headed to Dave And Busters for a little arcade playing action. I played some PAC Man Battle Royale, Fruit Ninja, and a ton of carnival inspired games. It was a lot of fun and by 11 pm I was completely exhausted. 

Today, was another busy day. I started the day off with the whole time change thing which I really could of have without this weekend. But, anyway it’s here so I guess I better get used to it. 

I had a brunch with my brunch club at a Mexican place. It was really good. I had a vegetable frittata with potatoes. After brunch it was off to the grocery store to get the items I need for this week’s meals. I had to hit up 2 stores to get everything but totally worth it as I’m super excited and looking forward to all of my meals this week. 

I came home to pick up the house a bit as my kickball team was coming over for practice.  We had a strategy/game plan meeting and then headed to a local restaurant for some dinner. I didn’t make necessarily the healthiest choice on the menu but still made decor to choices. 

Today was a bit thrown off by eating out twice today, but tomorrow morning it’s right back on track with the Fed and Fit Project. 

Tomorrow is a day where I’ll be getting in my workout and cleaning some floors in this house along with getting some work done. I’ll be having some girls over for The Finale of The Bachelor as well. I also have been cleaning out my closet and need to get that finished. So here’s to a productive day tomorrow. And, I’m making a turkey Sweet Potato Casserole for dinner tomorrow night which I’m pretty excited about. Stay tuned for how that comes out. 

Hope everyone has had a great weekend. See you tomorrow. 


Superhero Day 69/365

Today a community came together to celebrate the life of a true life SuperHero. In his 3 years on this Earth Louie, has touched and impacted more people than I could ever hope to in 10 lifetimes. 

Louie took on the battle with pediatric cancer just like he approached life with light, integrity, strength, and bravery. As he was dealt a hand that no one should have to play, yet alone a child, he accepted it and fought hard. Louie took on cancer with a grace and strength that most adults couldn’t muster even on their best day. 

As I sit here with my questions of why, and how I also know that Louie is having a great time flying high and shooting webs, you know catching thieves just like flies. 

I can only hope to live my life with a tenth of the light, integrity, strength, and bravery that Louie possessed in his short time. And, Louie may not physically be here anymore, but he’s definitely all around, and I’m sure all that Louie and his story has touched, can feel him around them. 

And, in true superhero fashion when you’re a superhero you get a superhero Honor Guard. 

Thank you Louie for showing me how to approach life and all it may throw at me. Fly high!

Cancer sucks and it takes the lives of way too many. We are more than 4. Did you know that pediatric cancer only gets 4% of funding, yet 16,000 families a year are effected. It’s time to make a change. I hope all of you that have seen this take a moment to stand up and have your voice heard, We are more than 4. 

If you have the opportunity to support pediatric cancer in some way I hope you seize that opportunity.

Want to learn more about pediatric cancer you can go herehere, or even here just to start. 

Want to join the fight you can support some amazing organizations RocSolidSt Jude’s, and St Baldricks to name a few.

Rockin’ This Week 68/365

It’s been a great day. I got my workout in this morning, and have reached all 3 of my activity goals today. Whoooo go me. 

I made an actual breakfast today which I’m usually a protein shake for breakfast type person, but today my schedule was a bit screwy so I had time this morning to make a real sit down breakfast. Eggs, turkey bacon, and some mixed veggies. I seasoned the eggs and veggies with FlavorGod Everything Seasoning, and it was delicious. 

I had a really frothy, thick protein shake for lunch. It was tasty and refreshing on this 70 degree day. 

I had the last night of my Leadership class tonight which was amazing. So glad to have been a part of this. It was filled with lots of information and I learned a lot about myself. Of course with this class it meant I wouldn’t be home until 8:30 so I had a snack. Which was the chicken kebabs I found yesterday at the grocery store. Tons of protein and kept me satisfied until I got home and was able to grab my dinner. 

And, thank you freezer/meal prep once again as dinner was a chicken & sausage gumbo I had made a little while ago and had tons of leftovers so it went in the freezer. Best thing ever for when life gets crazy. I’ve been able to stay on track this first week of the project simply because of meals in my freezer. 

I’m already working on next week’s menu and you can bet I’ll be making sure that there are leftovers so that I can have more meals in the freezer for weeks just like this. 

My water consumption still isn’t quite where it should be but I’ve added some more ounces today. Everyday I’m getting closer. 

Tomorrow is going to be a bit rough emotionally, but I’m determined not to use food as a coping mechanism. 

I’m going to get my super hero clothes on and celebrate a little super hero tomorrow, and be strong. 

It’s almost the weekend friends. 

Orange Theory, Kebabs To Go, & Meals From The Freezer 67/365

Today has been a bit crazy. I’ve been going since 7 this morning. I dropped off a friend at the airport first thing this morning then headed into the office for a meeting followed by a Lunch & Learn. 

And, this is what I was tempted with all during the Lunch & Learn. All I have to say is Not. Today.

After work meetings were finished up I headed up to the new location for Orange Theory Fitness to sign up as one of their founding members. The facility won’t open until June but I’m still pretty excited about it. I actually can’t wait for it to open I’m so ready. I of course will probably die while doing it and hate every minute of it while I’m doing it but it’ll be completely worth it.

Ready to be an Orange Theory Fanatic

After signing up and getting pumped for Orange Theory I came home changed and headed over to the non-profit I work with warehouse to load up the trailer for the build we will be doing this weekend. Also, I hung around as a friend of mine has decided to volunteer with them as well and they had a volunteer orientation tonight. And, she was able to answer a trivia question correctly to win a prize. Whooooo!!!

I had gone to the grocery store at some point today I can’t even really remember when, but I was looking for something portable to eat for dinner tonight as I was going to be out until late. I found these chicken kebabs. 

They were actually really good. 23g of protein and 4g of fat, with 150 calories. I ate it as a snack/part of my dinner on the way home. I think I’ll be looking into getting more of these as there were several different options. 

And, all I have to say is I love that pretty much anything I make has leftovers for the freezer. And, this week is one of those weeks that I’m extremely thankful for freezer meals. As I was gone all weekend and didn’t meal plan/prep or grocery shop. Tonight’s dinner was Paleo Stuffed Cabbage from the Paleo Yiddish Cookbook.

You can grab it on Amazon, that’s what I did. 

And, so this isn’t really stuffed cabbage/rolls I made this more as a lasagna since the leaves were to small or ripped to make good rolls with. And, hey it was quicker and easier to make this way. Oh and still tastes phenomenal. 

I even got a workout in today which I was a little worried about. But, I was able to get 25 minutes of activity in. No it wasn’t the 30 minutes but 25 is 25 times better than no activity. 

Not a super long or hard workout but it was something. 3 straight days of being active, even when I was worried about finding the time to get it done. 

Today, was a day full of successes. I didn’t dig into the potato chips that were sitting right next to me, I signed up for a new gym, I got a workout in, found a new snack or part of a meal for on the go, had a great dinner, and continue to get my water intake closer to where it should be. 

Bring on tomorrow I’m ready for it.