Sunday Funday 120/365

Can you believe it’s been a 120 days already. I feel like this year is flying by. 

And, today I took part in a little Sunday Funday action. 

We did a scavenger hunt running around the oceanfront. It was hot and my team was all about it for about an hour and well then we voted for drinks and food. 

Pictures with strangers✔️

Autographs galore✔️

And a host of other things. It was fun but I’m still trying to catch up from this last week so I’m exhausted and will be calling it an early night. 

Fun times with fun friends. 

Night For The Fight 119/365

Last night was RocSolid’s gala, Night For The Fight. 

It’s a huge fundraiser and a lot of fun. I volunteered to work the event. It started off early Friday morning unloading the trucks with all of the stuff that was needed to make the night the success it was. 

After unlaoading the trucks it was putting everything away and getting it all set up and ready for the big night. From setting up all of the technology for check-in and out, silent auction items, the store, the decor, and all of the stuff for the program. 

After helping with set up it was off tongnet myself ready for the gala and then it was back to working the event. It was great. 

The event was amazing and the program was spot on. The theme was What If? And, 20 of the near 600 people in attendance got to take part in their very own build. A swing set was assembled by 20 guests in their formal wear and later on in the night it was presented to a little boy battling cancer. 

It was amazing everyone in attendance got to see what Roc Solid is all about first hand. 

The night was amazing and a ton of money was raised to support a great foundation. 

Getting Ready 117/365

So, tomorrow night is the big gala for Roc Solid Foundation. I’ve been helping out wherever I can and tomorrow will be no different. As I’ll be helping to do some setup in the morning and then throughout the event. 

Along with that I’ve got to get myself together. I mean it’s black tie optional which means I’ve got to be fancy. I’ve got the dress, shoes are going to be questionable still as I’m thinking that heels will be a bad idea as I haven’t worn any since my ankle was broken and I’m going to be on my feet for hours. So the question is do I start in heels and then bring flats or just say screw it and start in the flats and forget all about the heels. Not sure what I’m going to do yet?

So dress is good, hair and makeup appointment are set, pedicure was done earlier this week and tonight I did my nails. 

Not exactly springy colors but my dress is black and navy blue and pediatric cancer awareness ribbon is gold so navy and gold it is. And my toes are painted a gold sparkle so I’m set. 

Can’t wait for tomorrow night it’ll be fun and exciting. 

Here’s to another long day that is so worth it. 

I Keep Going & Going & Going 116/365

Today’s been a long one. Started off at the office with meeting after meeting after meeting. Yeah you counted that right 3 meetings in a row. All just boring as the next. It was actually a whole lot of the same between all the meetings. 

After I finished up the day of meetings I headed out to the warehouse for the non-profit I work with to help sort playsets and get set up for the prebuild we were doing tonight. 

Once it was all set up the rest of the volunteers arrived and we set off to build. We got the set built in record time worked on everything to make sure that it would completely assemble with complete ease. As we will be needing this to go up without a hitch. 

Tomorrow it’s back to the warehouse to load all of the trucks with all of the stuff we need for the Night For The Fight which is happening Friday. It’s going to be an amazing night and a lot of fun. My feet are already cringing with how much I’ll be on them and running around but hey it’s all good. I can put them up on Saturday. 

Now it’s off to bed because tomorrow is going to be another long day. 

Yummmmm 115/365

It’s almost May which means summer is coming up fast. This means fairs and carnival season is going to be here before you know it. And, well I do love me some carnival/fair food. Although, the food is so not healthy for you but oh it tastes so amazingly good. I luckily or unlucky depending on how you look at it I can’t eat a lot of the food thanks to that pesky gluten thing. 

Anyways, tonight I was really thinking about fair food. The fair in my hometown one of the things they have is sausage pepper and onion sandwiches. I don’t eat them because 1 the whole gluten thing and 2 I don’t eat regular sausage. But, whenever I walk by the stand the smell is so good and I may even drool a bit. 

Tonight I made my own sausage pepper and onion sandwich. Against the Grain baguette, turkey Italian sausage topped with peppers and onions.  My house smells amazing and oh yeah it tasted amazing as well. 

Be jealous it’s okay it really was amazing. And, probably a bit healthier than the one you’d get from the fair. 

Kickball…whomp whomp whomp 114/365

It’s Monday, which means it’s kickball night. Unfortunately, it’s been raining for the past 3 days and well that doesn’t make for Suck great kickball weather. The fields are a bit wet and therefore we can’t play on them. So games were cancelled.  

I mean yeah it’s probably a good thing we weren’t playing as last week it was really wet and cold. 

But, that doesn’t mean I don’t miss it. Here’s hoping next week brings nice weather. 

Happy Monday all

Building Hope 113/365

Yesterday I spent the morning and early afternoon working with a great group of volunteers from a sponsor partner and Roc Solid Foundation. 

We spent the morning putting together a swing set for 2 year old little girl who is battling a brain tumor. 

The build had some challenges but we overcame them and completed the build on time and were ready for the family to return. 

If you’re interested in learning more about RocSolid and how you can get involved please visit

This is what hope looks like. 

Chuck Love 111/364

So this is what the floor at the end of my bed looks like:

The best or worst part depending on who you are isn’t even all of them. These are just the ones I’ve worn in the last few days. I can think of 6 pairs that are missing just off the top of my head. Uhmmmm yeah I may have a problem. But, is it really a problem? I love these shoes they are super comfy and go great with everything especially when you have them in a color to match everything. 

Warm weather and I’m either in flip flops or Chucks and with the ankle still having swelling issues and some irritation flip flops aren’t exactly the best thing to be wearing. So yeah the rest of this spring and summer I’ll be rocking the Chucks a lot. 

And I just scored both of these sweet colors. I’ve been searching for the purple for forever and was finally able to track them down. And, it was like Christmas at my house tonight when the UPS man arrived with them. I was doing a little happy dance. 

Happy Friday!!!

Routine Is Completely Amiss 110/365

The husband is home and well that means my routine is completely thrown out the window. 

I’m happy to have him home but I have a routine and things get done, and well now things are just all sorts of up in the air. 

Add in that I’m exhausted since I didn’t sleep well and I’m a bit cranky. 

And, I saw this today and yes this is so much my morning routine. Have I mentioned I hate mornings. Oh and of course I have to add feed dogs in there as part of my routine because well they surely won’t let me forget to feed them that’s for sure. 

Hope you’ve all had a magnificent Thursday. 

Sushi 109/365

I picked the hubby up from the airport today. He’ll be home for a few days and then it’s back on a plane for him where he will be gone for 2.5 weeks home for a couple days and then off again for a week. So, yeah won’t be seeing much of him on this trip home. 

But, he’s home now and one of his Navy buddies is in town so we went out to dinner. Sushi, at one of our favorite sushi restaurants which also happens to be a block from our house. 

The husband went for the sashimi, I don’t actually eat sushi, raw fish freaks me out. But veggie rolls I can put them down. I had some awesome ones tonight. I had a Japanese radish one, my go to avocado & cucumber, vegetable roll, and some crazy roll that had all sorts of deliciousness in it. 

I love going to this place as they always serve amazing food, with amazing service and the price is great. 

Also I don’t feel to guilty about eating a couple of rolls as there isn’t anything horrible in them. The worst part about them would be the rice. And, well I don’t eat a ton of rice so having it once in a while I’m okay with. 

Oh and it’s hump day. I have a busy day with meetings tomorrow and then I’ll be coming home to tons of laundry but hey at least that I can do while enjoying the beautiful evening outside on my deck. 

Hope you’re all having an amazing week.