What A Day 94/365

I had a meeting at work today. Yeah, it was one of those kinds of meetings. I wanted to scream. Seriously, when you go into a meeting asking for what you learned and what ideas you have and as your trying to convey this info your being talked over or told it’s not going to change at all. Well okay then why are you wasting my time. If you don’t want to learn and find other ways to improve the system that we have in place that clearly aren’t working then don’t waste my time I have other things I can be doing. 

Yeah, so needless to say that put me in a mood for the remainder of the day. 

On a positive tomorrow is my last day of physical therapy for my ankle. It’s been a long 6+ months. But, I have a somewhat more stable ankle so that’s good. 

After today’s fiasco I saw this and it goes with both my job and for this journey I’m on. 

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