It’s National Beer Day 97/365

It’s National Beer Day all!!!!!

I can’t drink beer as it has that whole gluten thing. They do have some gluten free beers that are okay, but in all truth I’m not a huge fan of the taste of beer anyway so I don’t really miss it. 

However, in celebration of the day I am enjoying one of these bad boys. 

Uhmmmm yeah I need to be careful when drinking these as they go down way too easily and they taste just like a regular seltzer. Drinking a lot of them would definitely not be an issue, except it would completely be an issue. So yeah need to be careful with these. Oh and all of the flavors are amazing. 

And, as it’s Friday and apparently I have channeled my inner toddler because I really wanted kid food for dinner. Hey, it’s Friday and it’s quick to make so I went for it. 

Annie’s Organic gluten free Mac and cheese and gluten free chicken corn dogs. Yeah, it’s what’s for dinner and I already admitted to having the taste buds of a 5 year old right now. Hey, at least there isn’t ketchup smothered all over it. 

Happy Friday!!!!

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