I’ve Seen It All 96/365

So, today on the way home, I’ve officially seen it all. On the side of the road was a Prius that had ran out of gas. 

Say what!!! How is that even possible? A Prius that ran out of gas. I mean really if you rub out of gas driving a Prius then you must never be checking the gas gauge. So yeah, the owner of said Prius got a bit of a workout in when they had to huff it to the gas station to get gas to put in their Prius that was out of gas sitting on the side of the road. 

So yeah I’ve officially seen it all. 

I got also got to enjoy some time with one of my favorite munchkins. I took her to her Girl Scout meeting. We went to the volunteer rescue squad headquarters got a tour and they learned some basic first aid information. After that we then headed to the fire station where they also got a tour and checked out the trucks, gear, and saw how they got dressed for a fire. The girls had a great time and enjoyed themselves. 

It was a evening with the troop and I think the girls learned a little something. 

Now tomorrow is a day to put my house back to rights as it’s an absolute disaster. Spring cleaning will commence. And, I’m sure I’ll burn some serious calories while doing so. 

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