It’s Getting Close 99/365

I’m pretty excited tomorrow marks opening day of kickball. And our team is starting off with a doubleheader. Of course I’m missing 8 players 7 of them are returning players and key players at that, but whatever. Our team isn’t too concerned with winning actually when we win they don’t know what to do. 

We are there for the fun and social aspect of the game. We have a banner, snacks, beverages, hype music, and well doubleheader means pizza delivered to the field. Yeah, that’s how we roll. 

This afternoon we had an open play which a couple of my players came out too so they could learn the game and work on their kicking skills. It was a lot of fun spent out I. The sunshine and talking smack with some of the teams. 

I was working on my bunting and teaching some of the new players. And, well I was reminded as to why I wear high socks when playing kickball. That’s going to be rea pretty tomorrow. Oh well what’s a little bruise when you’re having fun. 

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