Operation Spring Cleaning 103/365

Today I did some serious spring cleaning at my house. I managed to get a 1/3 of the house done. Tomorrow I plan on getting another 1/3 done and by the end of the weekend the house should be spring clean, clean. 

I have hardwood and tile floors so on the plus side I don’t have to worry about cleaning carpets but I still have to deal with chasing dog hair all over my smooth floors. 

I live at the beach so dust, sand, dirt, and of course dog hair takes up way to much occupancy in my house. I dusted the living daylights out of the rooms I cleaned today and well there was a ton of it. Add that to the nightmare that is the pollen issue happening outside and I’m an itchy, sneezing, red eye, tearing mess. 

After completing the chore of dusting it was onto the floors. Which of course require lots of steps thanks to those pesky dogs of mine. I start off my dust mopping which helps to get all of the dirt, dust, and dog hair into one space. After the dust mopping it was onto the vacuum. Vacuuming the floors of course always seems to find more dirt that some how I missed with the dust mop. After vacuuming I broke out the steam mop to give the floor some disinfecting and also to lift up all the hard stains. After the steam mop I broke out the Murphy’s Oil Soap and mopped the floors with that. Let’s just say it smells amazing in the house. However, I just finished and already there is dog hair and dirt on the floor. Why do I bothers?

While cleaning the living room since I was moving the furniture to clean under and behind it I decided to rearrange the furniture as well. I mean why not right. 

So the living room has been rearranged the hallway and dining room are dusted, cleaned, and have pristine floors. Also the closet has been gone through and cleaned up. Tomorrow I’ll be tackling the kitchen, can we say scrubbing fridges and ovens oh and don’t forget grout lots of grout, and also the bathrooms. Yup lots of scrubbing grout in my future tomorrow. 

But, I do love a nice clean and organized home. Of course I’ll be done with all the cleaning just in time for my husband to get home and be his human tornado self. Not sure why I even bother. 

One more day and then it’s the weekend and a holiday one at that. 

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